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In iOS 6 Siri gets mayor update, it will be available for the New iPad and now is little bit "smarter".

Check the video showing the new Siri features on the New iPad.

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Even though the iPad2 was on the top in terms of technology from the moment it was launched and up to the introduction of the new iPad, it had somewhat of a handicap: it's limited camera. But now, this problem has been addressed with the new iPad.

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One of the more anticipated new features of the New iPad has been the chance to use 4G telecommunication technology.

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The portal CNET has announced today that the new iPad may not be called iPad3 at all.   They are reporting that it will be dubbed the iPad HD.  Apple will break with the expected naming convention by looking for the innovation and to raise the expectations.

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Some days before the launch of the new iPad, Apple is saying that during this year they expect to sell more than 60 million iPads.  Add that to the already 55 million sold to date and the total since April 2010 when the tablet was first launched they have sold more than 100 million of them.

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