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When Shazam updated its iOS apps to let users listen to identified songs in Deezers, users of the streaming music service were likely pleased to be able to learn the name of a song and then launch it in Deezer to save it to their playlists or learn more about the artist. Spotify users were likely less enthused because the update removed that option for them.

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Gesture Music Controls adds gesture based music controls in the music app, control center, and lockscreen. It does more than just simple stop, pause, and play; the Cydia tweak makes controlling music app much easier and faster. Users can find Gesture Music Controls under the BigBoss Repo for only $0.99.  This tweak works on all devices running iOS 7-7.0.4.  However, the developer, Pat Sluth, has noted it doesn't work on the iPad. Watch the video below for a look inside Gesture Music Controls. Read More »

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Microsoft's music streaming service, Xbox Music, has added the ability to download songs so they can be streamed offline. Microsoft has supported offline playback on its Windows Phone operating system, but the Android and iPhone apps released last year required that users stayed connected to the internet in order to enjoy their music. That changes today. Read More »

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The Apple iPhone default alarm sounds may be too soft or jarring depending on what it takes to get you out of bed comfortably. iPhone owners who like to wake up to the sound of music now have a Pandora for iOS app with an alarm clock function. Here’s how to set up an alarm for your favorite Pandora station. Read More »

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Google Play Music is a music streaming service that combines all of the popular music formats into one app. It has millions of songs from major record labels that you can listen to at any moment, creates Pandora-style personal radio stations based on an artist, and lets you upload 20,000 of your personal music collection to store in the cloud. And it’s available now for the iPhone.

Play Music has been an Android exclusive until now, but Google has released an app that lets iPhone users listen to any song in Google’s music library and supplement their own collection to fill in the gaps. The All Access feature, which provides the on-demand music listening of Google’s library and radio stations without ads or skip limits, requires a $9.99 monthly fee. If you just plan to upload your personal collection of 20,000 songs or less, you can still enjoy Google Play Music without paying.

Other features include:

  • Listen to unlimited songs
  • Create custom radio stations from any song, artist or album
  • Enjoy radio without skip limits
  • Get smart recommendations based on your tastes
  • Enjoy handcrafted playlists from our music experts
  • Downloading songs for offline listening

Google has made Play Music available in more than 20 countries. A list of the supported markets is available here.

Download Google Play Music

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