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While many iPhone and iPad users were excited by much of what Apple introduced at last week's Worldwide Developer Conference, others still wondered why Apple didn't address what's arguably its greatest weakness - Maps. The problem may be because poor management and infighting caused delays that prevented Apple from finishing iOS 8 in time for WWDC. Read More »

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iOS 8 Maps mock-up

The main reason I don't use Apple Maps on my iPhone is that it doesn't support transit directions like Google Maps, something that I absolutely need because that's how I get around New York most of the time. Based on new information from a reliable source, I may have to revisit that choice later this year. Read More »

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Apple has a record of quietly making acquisitions of companies in recent times in order to strengthen its existing products. It appears that Apple Maps and the Notes app in iOS will see some improvement because the company has acquired two smaller firms that specialize in those fields - BroadMap and Catch. Read More »

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The US Patent and Trade Office has published a patent application from Apple that reveals what might be an upcoming feature for Apple Maps: layered information through interactive maps. The layers would showcase information pulled from the Internet - such as traffic conditions, tourism points of interests, or weather conditions - over a live map that users could quickly adjust to their preferences. That's not all it will be able to do. Read More »

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After Apple Maps launched to terrible reviews and entire websites dedicated to documenting its many mistakes, it was assumed that people would flock to Google Maps for iOS the moment that it became available. While iPhone users have embraced Google Maps, which is currently the 17th most popular free app in iTunes, new data suggest that the vast majority of iPhone owners use Apple's map application more often. Read More »

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One of the biggest updates in iOS 6 comes with Maps application with its new turn by turn navigation and 3D Flyover mode, but as Apple noted Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later.

After yesterday's release of the new version of redsn0w, Russian hacker Anton Titkov (iTony) hacked the iOS 6 Maps and found a solution to enable Flyover mode on the iPhone 4. Check the video after the break.

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One of the biggest updates in iOS 6 comes with Maps application. Powered by TomTom instead of Google, it features turn-by-turn navigation integrated with Siri, 3D mode (Flyover) and real-time traffic information.

Check the video demo after the break.

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