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You can send and receive text messages from anywhere inside iOS 7 when using Auki Cydia Tweak. Auki is a new jailbreak Cydia tweak developed by Surenix and Bengse available in BigBoss Repo for $3.99. The developers have done a fabulous job building this new tweak that features quick compose and reply inside the stock Messaging app. Read More »

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We have combed through many tweaks released and updated over the past week to bring you the Top Five Cydia Tweaks to install today. Developers are making great strides catching up after the announced Evasi0n7 Jailbreak, so take a look at some of the latest ways to customize your iPhone with more powerful tweaks. Read More »

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The jailbreak was welcomed by most, but the A7 device users were initially left in the cold up until today due to an update from Mobile Substrate. However, Jay Freeman aka Saurik has just released an update for Cydia Substrate, formerly called Mobile Substrate. A7 Device users may now install and use iOS 7 compatible tweaks on their A7 devices. The A7 devices include the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Retina Display. We want to thank Saurik and all the jailbreak hackers and developers for all their hard work. Please watch the video below for a brief discussion on Mobile Substrate. Read More »

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Owners of Apple iPhones and iPads with A7 processors will be glad to know that there are a few tweaks available to install that are compatible with their phone or tablet. Though the list is very short at this time, I'm sure developers will be updating them very fast. They were at a stand still until Saurik updated Cydia Substrate. If you haven't updated Substrate, please do that before installing anything because they will not work without this update. Watch the video below for a look at the first iOS 7 compatible A7 device Cydia Tweaks. Read More »

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FlipControlCenter Cydia Tweak allows users customization for the control center. Users can choose which toggles to appear, the order they appear, and how many toggles are displayed on each page. It's really a very detailed tweak for control center customization. Ryan Petrich is one of the jailbreak communities top developers; however, he has released this tweak calling it a beta, so we will probably still see several changes and additions to the tweak before he finishes with it. Take a look at the video below. Read More »

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The jailbreak was a welcome event over the holidays. However, with barely any tweaks working with the new iOS 7 jailbreak, it's important to find out which tweaks function properly. It appears the developers are working hard to get their jailbreak tweaks updated for iOS7, so we have put together five tweaks that we know are compatible. They have been tested on the iPhone 5 only. However, devices earlier should work fine but the newer devices will not until mobile substrate has been updated. Watch the video below for a look at the five tweaks we tested today. Read More »

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LockYourApp Cydia Tweak offers much needed security for iPhone users looking to keep certain information locked away but still provide fast access to other areas of the phone. Users can put a password on individual apps rather than using a lockscreen password. It also uses a drawn password instead of typing in numbers, which is an advantage in my opinion. Check out the demonstration video below. Read More »

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Apple iPhone owners who want to improve some settings in ways that Apple haven't thought to implement often turn to Cydia. We enjoy bringing the Top Cydia Tweaks and Applications each week, and this week we have recapped the best five tweaks into one video.   Read More »

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