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World of Cheese HD offers players hours of puzzle solving fun for Free. The game has puzzles based on a huge mouse named Mr. Mousey; original, hay?  Players must help Mr. Mousey find cheese throughout the house, so puzzles must be solved in order to get to the reward. Some of the puzzles require a great deal of thinking in order to complete, so there are both simple and challenging options. Think before tapping the screen because the fewer times you tap the screen, the better you will do.

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Mini Showdown is a Free new FPS iOS game developed by Zhao Zhiyuan that has a welcome twist to the first-person shooter (FPS) games. It adds a realistic feel to shooting guns in the game, so players will enjoy moving their device to line up the shot. Mini Showdown not only adds this great new way of shooting but a nice Wild West theme to go along with it. Read More »

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Space Tower Defender is a game that requires players to shoot everything in sight. Developers Webelinx Doo have developed a game based on simplicity that is very comforting for many different age levels. Players can touch the screen to shoot and defend their ship and planet from the surrounding aliens, and it's very fun once you get into the game. Read More »

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DragonSlayers is an incredibly detailed, three dimensional action RPG adventure newly launched in the iTunes App Store.  Players choose one of two character classes for their player character and then set out on an epic fantasy adventure that rivals PC gaming in graphics, scope, and story development.
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Are you excited about your new iPhone?  Be sure to try these Top Free Applications on your new iPhone today.  These games will play nicely on all the new Apple devices running iOS 6 or later.  Watch the video below to see the apps inside.

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Bladeslinger Ep.1 is free for a limited time. Hurry up, get it now and save $3!

Check the gameplay video after the break.

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We enjoy sharing the top apps with our readers each week. Be sure to check back often for updates. If you have a favorite app you would like to see featured on DIB feel free to email us your thoughts. We will do our best to check it out. Please understand we try to include only the apps that will appeal to a broad range of readers.

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Fruit Ninja, one of the most popular iOS titles is FREE for a limited time. Hurry up! Check the video review after the break.

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