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Each month we try to bring you the Top Free iOS 7 Apps of the month.  Be sure to watch the Top Five Free iOS 7 Apps for last month, February if you missed it.  We try to show applications which heklp increase usability of the iOS device overall or Games we feel are the elite. Feel free to leave a comment including your favorite iOS app below.  Please take a moment to share this content socially if you found it useful. Click the subscribe button if you want more content like this on a regular basis. Read More »

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Last week I wrote about SwiftKey Note, an app that would showcase Android's best keyboard on iOS. Unfortunately, you cannot have a system-wide replacement keyboard on iOS, but within the app, you can see how a combination of smart auto-correction and next word suggestion can accelerate the typing experience. SwiftKey Note is available now so you can try it for yourself. Read More »

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Frequently accurate leak source "evleaks" has posted images of an iPhone running SwiftKey Note for iOS. The app reportedly shows that SwitfKey, the best keyboard available on Android or any other smartphone operating system, may be coming to iOS. Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s coming in a very limited fashion.

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OLX Free App for iOS and Android devices offers users a simple fast way to buy and sell items online using only their smartphone. The application is very simple to navigate due to being divided into different sections for buying and selling different items. Once users have an account, OLX will determine their location through GPS and find any items in their surrounding area that's available to buy. However, if you are searching for an item in a different area the location can be entered manually, and this free app is just as useful for selling items.  Read More »

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Google has brought its movies and television streaming app, appropriately named Google Play Movies & TV, to iOS. The iPhone and iPad app now makes it possible to watch streaming video from Google's catalog, but there are a few caveats to those efforts. Read More »

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Smart VoiceMail app enables users to interact with their voice mail much easier using their iOS device. The app has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and can be used on other iOS devices running iOS 5 or later. Once users set up an account after downloading the app, Smart Voicemail intelligently sets voicemail based on calendar appointments, timers, and more. Here's how... Read More »

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When you need to hire someone, whether to edit an audio file or design graphics for a low price, Craigslist is one of the most common places to go. If you really want to pinch pennies and find someone to do the job for the lowest price possible, you should try out Fiverr, a free service that pairs potential customers with potential service providers willing to do the job for as little as $5 or more. You can even do it from your phone with the just launched Fiverr iPhone app. Read More »

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Reactr is a Free iPhone application developed by eyepiece Inc. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and bring joy if you want to see how others respond when they first see your photos. Since I learned of Reactr, my daughter and I have sent photos almost every day.  She is a teenager and simply loves using this application, and there's a good chance many more people will, too. Read More »

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