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Luxury automaker Bentley has released a new promotional video shot and edited entirely with an iPhone and iPad Air. No, this isn't the first time that something like this happened, but it's a reminder of just how powerful is the camera in the iPhone 5s. Read More »

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Apple is set to reach out to customers who have older model iPhones and encourage them to visit their local Apple Store to upgrade. The event will begin May 8th and will ask users to trade-in their existing phone in order to get a deal on an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. Is the strategy wise? Read More »

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Brazil. If you want to buy an iPhone 5s in the next country to host the World Cup and Olympic Games, count on spending more money than you would if the phone were purchased anywhere else in the world. There's an unavoidable reason for that. Read More »

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We recently covered a special iPhone case that supports mobile payments through an NFC system, but Apple may have a different way of letting customers pay for things through their phone. CEO Tim Cook told investors that mobile payments are an "intriguing" opportunity for Apple in light of its credit card database and authentication capabilities, which may make perfect sense for a system to pay for items with a phone. Read More »

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When a company backed by TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest announced Typo, a clip-on QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 5 and 5s devices, it was obvious where the inspiration for the Bluetooth accessory came from. The raised keys had an obvious resemblance to BlackBerry keyboards, and the resemblance has become so noticeable that BlackBerry has filed suit against the company. Read More »

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Fitbit has updated its Apple iOS 7 app to include basic fitness tracking, a surprising move for a company that benefits most when people purchase its wristband accessory. Even people who don’t have a Fitbit can use the companion app because the latest version now available for download uses the M7 motion sensor to provide fitness stats in its place. Read More »

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Apple iPhone users, like most modern smartphone buyers, have become comfortable enough with the advancements of touchscreen technology that typing on physical keys is no longer a necessity. For the people who still prefer the feedback of touching an actual button rather than a virtual one, the Typo keyboard case helps iPhone 5 or 5s owners have the best of both worlds. Read More »

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Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor Apple added to the iPhone 5S, was supposed to introduce additional security and make it easier to unlock Apple devices. However, some users report that the fingerprint reader is actually making it harder because the sensor has become less effective since the phone’s release in September. There may be some ways to improve Touch ID accuracy. Read More »

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