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ClassicSwitcher adds the old iOS 6 style app switcher across the bottom of the page. Many readers have expressed they prefer that style as the new iOS 7 style app switcher, but this tweak lets people use the older way. The tweak supports iPhone and iPad, multiple rows, multiple overlays and animations, quit all apps at once, activator integration. As you can see, this tweak offers many great features while the developer has included upcoming features they plan implementing. Upcoming features include swipe to close apps and landscape support. Watch the video below for a look inside ClassicSwitcher tweak. Read More »

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Are you tired of the 20 apps per page on the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C? Only 16 if you are using an older device. Infinidock and infiniboard were just updated with iOS 7 support including iPhone 5S. Most old jailbreakers will be familar with these two tweaks but if your knew to the seen let me introduce them briefly. Both tweaks are available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99 by developer CHPWN. Infinidock allows users to add as many apps to the dock as they choose and scroll through themm and they may configure the tweak many different ways. Read More »

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Siri can currently search for answers on the web, send messages without having to type, and turn some phone features on or off. Apple wants to eventually add search for specific types of photos to that list of capabilities. A new patent filed by the company shows that Apple plans to introduce a new system that would tag photos using voice commands while a picture taken, which would make the images searchable at a later date. Read More »

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Apple has a record of quietly making acquisitions of companies in recent times in order to strengthen its existing products. It appears that Apple Maps and the Notes app in iOS will see some improvement because the company has acquired two smaller firms that specialize in those fields - BroadMap and Catch. Read More »

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We have all been waiting patiently for the release of the new iOS 7.x jailbreak. Well, I'm happy to tell you that it's here. The evasi0n jailbreak works basically just as the previous evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak did. Charge your phone, follow the instructions, and users should turn off their passcode before beginning the process. Follow the video below for instructions on the new iOS 7 jailbreak. Read More »

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Apple iOS 7 introduced a new feature named Activation Lock that makes it less likely that a thief will be able to use an iPhone that is reported stolen. Activation Lock prevents thieves from disabling the tracking features or wiping the phone and using it unless they correctly enter the owner’s Apple ID. It’s a great way to prevent someone from using your stolen device, but it’s only activated if the owner chooses to turn it on. Some lawmakers want Apple to make Activation Lock a default feature.

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Any new or updated Apple iOS app attempting to be published to the App Store will have to be optimized for iOS 7 or face automatic rejection. Apple has so far strongly encouraged developers to upgrade their apps to “work seamlessly with iOS 7,” but it’s taking a hard stance against those who ignore that encouragement. Beginning next year, their apps won’t be accepted into the App Store. How will this affect iPhone and iPad apps? Read More »

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Apple doesn't let iPhone or iPad devices use a default replacement keyboard, but it does allow developers to make adjustments within their specific apps. That has opened the door for Fleksy, an iOS alternative keyboard that supports eyes-free typing by tapping on the standard keyboard layout and then flicking in different directions to make corrections. Fleksy can't become a system-wide keyboard, but it can inject itself into other apps to introduce a new typing experience. Read More »

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