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One of the most helpful tweaks I have seen in quite sometime is called Sticky. Be sure to check it out in ModMyi Repo for $0.99. It's very useful when you need to remind yourself of something or make a list for the store. One of the best features about Sticky is it stays on your lockscreen and you don't have to unlock the device to read it. That's what makes it so cool to me.  So many times I have made a list for the store on my iPhone and when I get to the store I had to always unlock the device to see it. It also continues to close after certain length of time and requires unlocking and opening notes app again. Watch the video walkthrough below.

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Are you tired of tangled cords and battery chargers? Sick of missing out on important notifications? The Cogito Pop SmartWatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and helps use both. The Cogito Pop Watch alerts the user by beeping, light flashing inside the watch face, or vibration. These can be customized for each option individually, so an email might alert you differently than a text message. If you want  the watch to beep when you miss a call but only flash when you get a text, it's possible to set up this way. Read More »

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Most users will notice their device becoming slower over time. Mobile devices are much like computers in this sense. They collect certain data to help speed up website load times and such. There are many different ways to improve your idevices speed. We are going to share five of our favorite ways to improve speed. These are tips we use personally on a regular basis. If you want more tips and tricks like this please thumbs up the video. If you find the tips helpful please take a brief moment to share this socially for us. Read More »

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What's On My iPhone? This seems to be a regular question I get almost everyday.  Well there's no way one iPhone would run with 50 cydia tweaks but I do use these on a regular basis.  These are my Top 50 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7.  I believe you will agree after watching the video below. These are the Top 50 Cydia Tweaks April 2014. Please take a moment to share this video.  It took me several days to put this together and research which Tweaks I should include.  It would also be great if you would comment on the video and Subscribe to my channel.  Let me know what you think. Did I forget to include a tweak? Read More »

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Shapematic is a mobile application that can turn your mobile iOS device into a 3D scanner by transforming a few photos into a 3D masterpiece. Users can currently find Shapematic in the App store for only $0.99. Its very simple to use and not to mention fun at the same time.  Simply take a few photos of the object at different angles around the object and it will work its magic in producing a 3D reproduction right on your iPhone. Read More »

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So many tweaks are released by members of the iPhone jailbreak community that it can be tough to track. This makes it impossible to try everyone that's released. Fortunately, we have you covered in this area. We spend most of our waking hours trying new tweaks and writing about the best ones, and here's a new video of the Top 20 Free Cydia tweaks released this year. Read More »

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We have so far had a great year in the jailbreak community. Developers have really been working hard and continue to do so now. With the release of iOS 8 just around the corner I'm sure we will see many more great tweaks and themes before years end.  Today we have composed a video of the Top 20 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks April 2014. Read More »

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When the next model of the Hyundai Sonata goes on sale later this year, buyers will be able to connect their iPhones to the car's in-dash entertainment and information console thanks to the inclusion of Apple CarPlay. At the New York International Auto Show, Honda confirmed that that the 2015 Sonata will have CarPlay integrated into its touchscreen system. Read More »

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