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The iPhone or iPad is an expensive piece of tech kit, but aside from that it is a gateway for you to spend as much money as you want on movies, books, TV, apps, games, and a whole lot more. Couple your iPhone or iPad with your kids and there is a recipe there for disaster and just a touch of financial ruin. You see, your children (and indeed mine) do not know that clicking purchase now on an app means that some actual real physical transaction has taken place and made you poorer. Read More »

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Apple and IBM
Apple's enterprise ambitions have always been lofty, but despite considerable improvements the company has always lagged behind Blackberry and more recently Samsung. However, with iOS becoming a very secure ecosystem, Apple's moves in the lucrative enterprise arena are bringing more rewards. Cupertino has now struck a deal with technology giant IBM that could potentially be huge for the company's future in enterprise. Read More »

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iOS 7 90 adoption
Apple has revealed today that 90% of all users of its mobile devices have updated to iOS 7, adoption levels that put rival Android to shame. We hear so often how Android is catching Apple in terms of how many people adopt a new version, but the difference really is staggering and no matter what recent gains Android has made this is still an embarrassing subject for the platform. Read More »

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Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. This is evident in the gaming industry where games are exponentially evolving each year to cater for the gamers' growing needs. The current technological trends of gaming show that the games are becoming exceedingly streamlined, participatory and immersive.

Immersive Gaming

Advancement in technology has led to enhanced hardware capabilities, with the virtual reality (VR) making a come back in the gaming industry. For instance, the upcoming Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display that features a 107-degree massive field of view, immersive 3D stereoscopic rendering capacities and a quick response head-tracking system. Another example of immersive technology is Microsoft IllumiRoom, which literally increases the viewer's experience by using the appearance and geometry of his living room as well as projecting games on furniture and walls.

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Google's head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai has defended the platform in a lengthy interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Pichai was speaking out against Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently criticized the Android platform at Cupertino's WWDC event by saying Android's security is like a "toxic hell stew". Cook also claimed that Apple was catching Android in the market, but Sundar Pichai sees things a different way. Read More »

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While many iPhone and iPad users were excited by much of what Apple introduced at last week's Worldwide Developer Conference, others still wondered why Apple didn't address what's arguably its greatest weakness - Maps. The problem may be because poor management and infighting caused delays that prevented Apple from finishing iOS 8 in time for WWDC. Read More »

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Apple announced iOS 8 yesterday, and the company listed a number cool new features that will go a long way towards improving life on iOS. However, the nature of the event meant that it couldn't put out a long list of everything that has been added, tweaked, or improved. Thankfully, Apple released an iOS 8 developer preview that allows users to discover much of what's new. Read More »

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Each week we bring Five Free iOS Games we feel are the best. This week we have five new games plus two bonuses.  Please take a brief moment to share this video with all your social media friends.  It's important to share the content in order for our site to grow so many more can enjoy these post each week. This weeks downloads are available in the video description or below. Read More »

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