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iOS 7 90 adoption
Apple has revealed today that 90% of all users of its mobile devices have updated to iOS 7, adoption levels that put rival Android to shame. We hear so often how Android is catching Apple in terms of how many people adopt a new version, but the difference really is staggering and no matter what recent gains Android has made this is still an embarrassing subject for the platform. Read More »

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The number of thefts of Apple iPhones has fallen recently, and there's only one explanation for the drop in crime, according to law enforcement - Apple instituted Activation Lock to make it tougher to use a stolen iPhone. The New York Times has a story in which officers in New York, San Francisco, and London state that they believe the new security measure is the reason. Read More »

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Each week we bring Five Free iOS Games we feel are the best. This week we have five new games plus two bonuses.  Please take a brief moment to share this video with all your social media friends.  It's important to share the content in order for our site to grow so many more can enjoy these post each week. This weeks downloads are available in the video description or below. Read More »

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We have the Top 5 iOS 7 Games for May 2014. These are some of the best free games I have played in quite some time. So be sure to grab the downloads below and enjoy.  Please take a moment to share this on Facebook and Twitter. Read More »

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Top Cydia Tweaks

It's that time again when we share the newest top paid tweaks for the week. This week we have several nice tweaks which we believe you will find most helpful.  However, a couple of these tweaks aren't new but have been rebuilt completely for iOS 7 devices, so that's new enough. Check them out after the break.

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We have so far had a great year in the jailbreak community. Developers have really been working hard and continue to do so now. With the release of iOS 8 just around the corner I'm sure we will see many more great tweaks and themes before years end.  Today we have composed a video of the Top 20 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks April 2014. Read More »

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Speed Intensifier, a tweak designed to make your iPhone move faster, has been updated for iOS 7. The developer has made certain it doesn't drain battery, and users who are running 64 bit devices may also enjoy the increased animation speeds of this tweak. What else can do it? Read below to find out. Read More »

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The latest version of iOS 7 is available for download now, and you'll want to run to the Settings application if you want to get access to new features like CarPlay (new car required) and bug fixes that kill the random reboot bug. Obviously, you shouldn't try to download iOS 7.1 if your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken because this will patch jailbreak and put you back on standard software. Everyone else can enjoy these changes, among many: Read More »

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