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Apple will turn to Shazam to let Siri name that tune

Google's search app on Android can identify whatever song you hear on the radio or in stores, and Microsoft's Cortana has added that same feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 preview. Apple is set to gain its own music ID system by integrating Shazam with Siri in the next version of iOS. Read More »

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Flappy Little Thing iOS App Review

It's obvious that Flappy Little Thing developers have drawn their inspiration from the one-hit wonder, Flappy Bird. It seems as if this game and others closely resembling it are never going to go way. Read More »

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Apple internal document says consumers want what we dont have because of display size

The renewed Apple vs. Samsung court battle is a sad reminder of the drawn-out legal fight between the two companies, but it has been a welcome source of new information for outsiders from both companies. Documents released related to the trial reveal what was happening at Apple and Samsung in recent years, including one document that may explain why Apple might embrace the idea of phones with larger displays. Read More »

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Speed Intensifier Updated For iOS 7: Increase Animation Speeds

Speed Intensifier, a tweak designed to make your iPhone move faster, has been updated for iOS 7. The developer has made certain it doesn't drain battery, and users who are running 64 bit devices may also enjoy the increased animation speeds of this tweak. What else can do it? Read below to find out. Read More »

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iPhone return period cut in half to 14 days

Apple will soon change its return policy to one that drastically cuts the amount of time someone has to return a device. and Apple Store purchases previously included a 30-day return window for no-questions-asked returns on iPhones still in pristine conditions, but the company has apparently changed its mind and shortened that return window to just 14 days. Read More »

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Apple Maps will get public transit directions this year; will that make you switch?

iOS 8 Maps mock-up

The main reason I don't use Apple Maps on my iPhone is that it doesn't support transit directions like Google Maps, something that I absolutely need because that's how I get around New York most of the time. Based on new information from a reliable source, I may have to revisit that choice later this year. Read More »

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Download iOS 7.1 to get plenty of new features and fixes (dont download if you jailbreak)

The latest version of iOS 7 is available for download now, and you'll want to run to the Settings application if you want to get access to new features like CarPlay (new car required) and bug fixes that kill the random reboot bug. Obviously, you shouldn't try to download iOS 7.1 if your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken because this will patch jailbreak and put you back on standard software. Everyone else can enjoy these changes, among many: Read More »

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Apple CarPlay debuting at auto show this week and launching in new cars later this year

We've seen in recent weeks that using your smartphone while driving isn't always the safest or legal thing to do. Apple CarPlay works to make using the phone easier by integrating it into the in-car display and infotainment system, allowing users to control maps, music, phone calls, and messaging on a bigger screen and use buttons built into the device. Apple is finally taking the wraps off its CarPlay integration system and confirming that we'll see it go live in some automobiles later this year.
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