Chicken Frenzy is a fun game in the line drawing genre by combining great physics, cute cartoony graphics and frantic gameplay!

Park4U Remote   Park your Car with your iPhone

Have you ever wanted to park your car using your iPhone? Then check out the video after the break ;)

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 iPhone 5 Renders Look iPhone Nano/Potential Uses for iPhone 5This artist envisions the iPhone 5 looking like an iPod Nano.  The smaller, more square design, makes the iPhone all the more compact allowing it to fit in ones pocket easier.

 iPhone 5 Renders Look iPhone Nano/Potential Uses for iPhone 5

The artist also has some interesting thoughts on potential uses for the touch aspect of the device.  The artist depicts using the fingerprint reader to recognize a finger swipe to unlock the iPhone.  Potentially, you could even assign different fingers to launch different apps.

Who knows if the iPhone shape will be that way or if Apple will ever incorporate those features.  It would sure be cool if it did.


Coolest Cat Toy Ever   Controlled from iPhone

Sphero KittyCam app - Outrun your cat with Sphero and catch it all on video so you never miss a crazy moment! Use the intuitive onscreen RC-type controls to drive Sphero and then capture all the wild antics by simply pressing a button to record video or take photos. Meow.

Max Injury 2   Free for a limted time

Max is back and taking a beating better than ever! Introducing the Max MK II prototype dummy. Designed for heavy duty use and abuse, put Max through extreme testing against flamethrowers, bombs, ballistics, and just for fun, jetpacks. Who doesn't want a jetpack?

  • 10 Fun Mode Levels
  • 42 levels of bone-crunching mayhem with Open Feint Leaderboards
  • Brand new weapons, bonuses, and more weapons!
  • 28 Open Feint Achievements
  • Tilt control
  • Available Level Editor!
  • Customize Max's head

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