One of iPhones most popular games ever, The Tap Tap Revenge 3 is now free to download from App Store. Download the app from here (iTunes link). Video review after the break...

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Vodafone UK has finally confirmed that they will start selling the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS  in January 14th. Vodafone will now be the third operator in UK that's sells the iPhone.

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The illumine theme  is probably on of the best iPhone / iPod Touch themes available today. The theme package include over 2400 custom icons and this theme will work great with the six row dock and five row icon mod. Mix these mods together and you'll have 26 icons on your screen instead of 20. You can download the theme from Cydia via the ModMyi repo.

Show off what you know in this contemporary version of the classic board game. Download it for free from App Store (today only) or view the video review after the break...

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Laser tag meets urban paintball in an epic battle against your friends, a heart pounding adventure that puts you and your iPhone directly in the line of fire. You have been recruited by ShadowForce, an underground paramilitary corporation, to join an elite unit charged with taking out rogue agents (your friends) in the local area. Find a quick hiding place (a balcony or a dark corner will suffice) and dig in before the shots start flying. Your trusty scope is your sole companion, your wits your only defense.

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This is a review of the ExtraLife app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app lets you browse Scott Johnssons renowed web comics from - or use the random feature to retrieve one of the hundreds of available comic strips.

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If you love cool cars then this is the app for you. The most comprehensive library on your iPhone or iPod touch of Lambo images ranging from the 1963 350 GTV to the current 2009 range and including such famous models as the stunning Miura, incredible Countach and unbelievable Gallardo.

This user friendly app is sorted by model range and year of manufacture and comprises over 600 images which can be viewed in further detail in landscape mode. Check out the video review after the break...

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The VoiceCentral Black Swan app is the next revolution in iPhone applications. It is not tied to the App Store. It is not a web site optimized for the iPhone. It is a feature-rich weblication that enables you to view and manage your Google Voice data just like a native iPhone application. It combines the iPhone's easy-to-use interface with the convenience of an always up-to-date web application. This app will be avaible for jailbroken iPhones via Cyda soon, and according to the developer the price for the app will be about 2$

The iPhone has an app for everything - except Google Voice. Well, that did not sit too well with us, so we set out to change the rules

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