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Basketball Toss HD   Free app of the day

Just pick up a basketball and shoot it into the basket by finger with your direct sense, like you do at real world. Just shoot basketballs into the basket as soon as you can, no time for you to aim, just play by your finger with your direct sense!

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Fun Finds For iPhone: Apps With A Unique Twist

The sheer number of games and entertainment options available on iTunes can be overwhelming—and the underwhelming nature of many of them can be just plain exhausting.  There’s no reason to give in to app finding fatigue, though.  There’s a treasure trove of truly unique applications just waiting to be found, and three of the best are described right here.

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Battle Bears   Free for a limited time

Battle bears stars oliver, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of pink bears wishing to hug him to death.

iPhone / iPad app: Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a horror-action-shooter-adventure where you play as Ash and must fight off Deadites and a host of other possessed abominations in order to stay alive and protect your friends. Groovy!

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Apple Catches up with iPad 2 Demand

4 months after the release of the iPads 2, Apple has finally caught up with the demand.  Apple's online store lists the iPad 2 shipping time to take 1-3 business days. Fortune's website observes that shipping was taking 1-2 weeks from the middle of April to July 8th.  On July 8th they took 3-5 days.  Unfortunately  non-U.S. stores are stilling taking 3-5 days or longer and can only be purchases are limited to 1 to 2 items per order.   But that is still better than waiting 1-2 weeks.


Real time object recognition   LookTel Money Reader iPhone app

LookTel's Money Reader iPhone app demonstrated in the office. It enables visually impaired or blind users to quickly and easily identify and count bills. There's no need to hold the iPhone still or capture a photo and wait for a result, recognition happens continuously and in real-time.  LookTel Money Reader is now available in the app store for $1.99!

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