iPhone app: Junaio   Geo location Augmented Reality Deals

junaio is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser, a mobile companion and instant source of information about places, events or bargains. What’s on at the movies, where is the nearest cash dispenser, taxi stand or subway station? The best steak in town, or the hottest show? Finding your way inside exhibitions, getting added information on products, ads or news articles. This and more at your finger tips with junaio, your mobile companion.

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iPhone app: Weather Motion HD with stunning HD graphics

Weather Motion takes mobile weather apps to a whole new level with stunning High Definition (HD) graphics! Weather Motion is the most beautiful way to check for weather information on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This application shows you the local condition report on top of a soothing video representation of the current weather condition.

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iPad2 Xray Hack

Apple expert Jason Bradbury has discovered that the iPad 2 can take photographs through clothes. And you don't need a degree in radiology to make it work.

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This is a video of 30 years from now, when Apple took over the world with its technology.

[Via -  Thx Christian]

iPhone app: Power Snooker (Freeware)

Already being hailed as snooker's answer to Twenty20 cricket, Power Snooker is the brand new innovative game which is set to revolutionise the world of snooker, bringing a fresh, exciting new concept and a whole new audience to the sport.

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Fast Five the Movie: Official iPhone / iPad Game

The explosive franchise built on speed is back with fast five and this model comes fully loaded! Play as brian o'conner on the wrong side of the law and assemble an elite team of top racers. Get behind the wheel of your dream car to battle opponents in the ultimate high-stakes racing game that follows the movie storyline. Available on april 28, 2011 for the iphone, ipad and android

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