Apple removes Wikileaks app from App Store

It seems that Apple has removed the Wikileaks app from iTunes after 2 days from the app went live (anyone surprised?). The Wikileaks app gives instant access to the world’s most documented leakage of top secret memos and other confidential government documents. There are still no official statement why Apple removed the app.

iPhone app: Snowing Screensaver

Stunning screensaver for iPhone. 50+ unique snowflakes falling down from screen, splendid animating effect bring those beautiful snowflakes just in front of your eyes.
With the clock function, it also become a finest clock on your table.


  • Real snowing animation
  • 50+ beautiful snowflakes
  • Multi-background themes for different mood
  • Elegant digital clock
  • Custom wallpapers & photos

Name: Snowing Screensaver| Download from: App Store | Price: Free

FaceTime lets you easily enjoy video calls with the people you really care about... like Santa.

iPhone app: Snowboard Hero by Bing

Have the alpine fun of your life performing the most incredible tricks and take the challenge in this arcade boarder game. Defeat your rival by sheer speed, skill or special moves wilder than you ever dreamed of. Earn credits along the tracks to buy new boards and clothing to customize your style in a rich variety of game modes and tracks.

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iPhone app: 4 in a Row   Free app of the day

This is 4 in a Row like you have never experienced before! When you connect four of your tiles in a row before your opponent, you win and you gain the points generated. But, if the device (or your opponent) connects four tiles before you do, you lose, and you also lose all the points you have generated during the game. A connection can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, but it must lie in a straight line and must be connected :)

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Video: The Evolution of Tablet

Heres a video of the tablets evolution, from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets to the modern tablet.

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Mercedes Media Interface Plus

Check out this quick overview of the Mercedes Interface Plus accessory for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It offers Pandora control, Bluetooth Audio streaming, iPod video playback, and more.

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Pictures: Biggest iPhone on Earth   Made of 56 iPads

The guys at electricpig has published some photos of the biggest iPhone on Earth, and its all made of 56 iPads. Head over to this post to view the gallery.

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