Tour of Rovio HQ   Inside the Angry Birds nest

The folks at IntoMobile goes on a tour to the Rovio headquarters in Finland. As you would expect, the Angry Birds play a large role in the decorations.

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Game pricing comparison: Windows Phone 7 vs. iPhone

New iPhone application helps you track your weight and save your time

Add any preferences icon to your homescreen!

Meteor Blitz    Free app of the day

Meteor Blitz has hurtled into the App Store to claim its place atop the mountain of dual-thumb shooters. With responsive controls that are unparalleled in the App Store, Meteor Blitz may well rival its progenitors, Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars.

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Gardening goes extreme in this hilarious high-speed racing game. Mower Ride mounts you on a manic, motorized lawnmower that rockets through gardens, crashes through fences and trashes the grass-cutting competition! Do you have what it takes to ride the demented Mower Ride through middle-class horticulture?

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