AirDrop PRO   Free iPhone app of the day

Based on the famous air delivery service, AirDrop Pro is the ultimate test of skill. A truly addicting game that tests your ability for timing, anticipation and accuracy as you try to successfully parachute cargo onto targets. But beware – the wind conditions, multiple targets sizes and other changing conditions make this challenge harder than it looks!

To play AirDrop Pro, check the wind speed and direction, anticipate the throw forward from the plane and drop your cargo. You can adjust your drop by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch to the left or right to hit the targets. Land closer to the target center to gain more points. As the game progresses, the target sizes get smaller, the planes get faster and more targets are added. Be sure to land the parachutes on the same color targets! Additionally, you can gain lives by completing a perfect round.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad   Speed test video

The is a speed test video between the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) and the iPad. Head over to the next page to view the video.

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AR Magic Mirror   First iPad 2 Augmented Reality Application

Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, revealed today the first augmented reality application developed for the iPad 2. This playful application titled, "AR Magic Mirror" gives users a selection of wacky virtual hairstyles, glasses and accessories to try on, or to try on their friends. The app uses facial recognition to identify the user and apply virtual 3D enhancements to their video image in real time through augmented reality functionality. "AR Magic Mirror" is planned to be a free application available on iTunes.

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Infinity Blade and Real Racing 2 on an HDTV via an iPad 2

The guys at IPGN checks out Infinity Blade and Real Racing 2 on a 50" HDTV, connected via Apple's HDMI adapter for the iPad 2. The graphics were optimized for the iPad 2 at launch.

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[Sticky] Introducing the Funny Pictures Blog

Just wanted to let you guys know that we just launched our new blog called The Funny Pictures Blog. The new blog is all about the LOL and not mobile / tech related but its still worth visiting to get your daily laugh ;) . For those with Facebook account can follow the new blog here. Check it out and dont forget to share the link with your friends ;)

Video: How to hack video screens on times square

Now i know what im going to do soon ;)

The way it works is pretty simple: plug in my transmitter into the iphone 4 and play back any video clip. you can play it through the ipod feature or through the camera roll. the transmitter instantly sends the video signal to the video repeater and the video repeater overrides any video screen that it's being held next to. it doesn't matter what shape or size the hacked screen is because the hack video will simply keep its correct dimensions and the rest of the hacked space will stay black.

i chose times square for my demo because it has lots of video screens to try it on. it is also one of the most monitored and secured areas in new york city and that made it that much more fun :) . you can see in my video that the repeater is pretty powerful but the signal is not very stable yet. i'm working on that. i will post a new video later this week explaining how i made this prototype.

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Benchmark: iPhone 4 vs iPad vs iPad 2

Apple sold close to 1 million iPad 2s

Analysts expect Apple Inc to have sold close to a million iPad 2 tablet computers on its debut weekend - significantly more than the first iPad, which went on sale last April.
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