iPhone app: i3D

i3D is an overview of Head-Coupled Perspective (HCP) on iOS devices. HCP uses the front camera of the device to track the face of the user in real time. This information tells the app how the user is looking at the display. The app updates the perspective of the 3D scene accordingly, giving the user the illusion that he looks at a small window.

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iPhone app: Napster Unlimited plus Mobile

This short video highlights the new Napster Unlimited plus Mobile service. Here the Napster team show you how on your iPhone, you can easily create Favourites and get access to your artists.

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Hippo High Dive   Free for a limited time

Hippos love diving more than anything! Jump off dizzying heights, go through flaming rings, and don't get burned!

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Hold the whole world in your hands, HD style!

Crazy Ski Flying   Todays free iPhone app

Ski-flying is an exciting and dangerous sports. But but will bring it to another new level! Where can you ski-fly continuously and fly over hundreds of mountain peaks? Only on iPhone/iPod!

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imPONGable   Free app of the day

The Impossible Pong-styled game! Think arcade videogames are easy?-Think Again! Use the accelerometer to move your paddle. Play against the computer to 11 to win!

Name: imPONGable| Download from: App Store | Price: Free

PingChat! Vodafone Port Unblocked!

PingChat! is a highly popular IM service. PingChat! provides free, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone-to-smartphone messaging, with real-time conversations, group chat, media sharing, and much more. Read More »

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