iPad 2 destroyed in slow motion

Zagg released a new tv ad for their products were they shoot the iPad 2 (in slow motion). Check out the video after the break.

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iPad 2   3G GSM & CDMA Teardown Pictures

The iPad 2 gets taken apart by the folks at iFixit. Head over to this post to view the iPad 2 teardown pictures. Enjoy!

iPad 2: Wireless Mirroring

eg0voruhk were tasked with coming up with ideas for making a client's iPad 2 Keynote presentations go a little smoother than using a VGA adapter and 15 foot cable. This is what he came up with using (mostly) off the shelf parts...

Pretty sweet eh?

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US President Obama admits owning an iPad

He sure does and, in fact, he made it a point to tell Univision's Jorge Ramos during the network's education town-hall event Monday. The President joked saying, "Jorge, I'm the President of the United States. You think I gotta go borrow somebody's computer?"

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Review: Noisehush N525 Bluetooth

This is a video review of the Noisehush N525 Bluetooth Headset. Available for $39.99 directly from Hypercel. Video review after the break!

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Review: Slickwraps for iPhone 4

This is a review of the Slickwraps for iPhone 4. Head over to the next page to view the review.

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Heres a preview of the Vimeo iPhone app that got released earlier today. Download it for free from here Enjoy!

Invaders World Tour 3   Free for today only
Join the fight to guard the Earth against an impeding celestial encroachment on human life in Invaders World Tour. Secure the borders of 12 different countries in 60 explosive levels and bonus stages! Unlock mini-games to achieve higher scores to take control of the global leaderboards!

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