Unboxing the Eye Scope for iPhone

James takes a look at the Eye Scope for iPhone, an 8x zoom lens for the iPhone. Enjoy the video!

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Cut The Zombie   Free app of the day

Cut The Zombie is rare on the iPhone version of the classic cross-off games, only a week on-line Won first place on the crown of best-selling list.


● a collection of all the ninja skills, the skills comparable effects [Naruto]
● painstaking research and development team of top international art
● game story when more than 20 hours long, including eight chapters, 50 points
● trap, an endless stream of puzzle maze task
● 36 different characteristics of the gorgeous scene
● dozens of cool ninja weapons, unique zombie BOSS

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New York Apple Stores Closed Due to Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene has causedApple stores in New York to be shut down in New York.  Here is the official statement: “Due to weather conditions, we will be closed beginning Saturday, August 27. We look forward to reopening Monday.”  But if you can not live a day without visiting an Apple store the Parmus, New Jersey store will be open over the weekend.


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Interview: The genius behind Apples early days

Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, co-founders of Apple Inc. along with Steve Jobs, talk about the creation of the company and Jobs. Jobs resigned yesterday as chief executive officer of Apple. Wozniak and Wayne speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

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You can download todays iPhone 4 Wallpapers from our iPhone 4 Wallpaper gallery. Enjoy!

Note: Did you know that we update our iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPad/ iPad2 wallpaper galleries once / day? You can find the latest wallpapers in the sidebar, so make sure to check that out every time you visit us!

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