iPhone 5 / iPad   iOS 5   Brand New Concepts

These are just some of the many brand new concepts that are being released of extra features that should be added to iOS 5.

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BattleSheep   Free app of the day

The sheep’s civilization has survived a horrible catastrophe but now it suffers from civil strife and wars over territory. It’s useless to rely on justice cause everything here is being resolved by brutal force of explosives. You have a whole lot of enemies, they are aggressive and tireless but who says that there’s safety in numbers?

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Here's a review of the weather app - WeatherSnitch 2. WeatherSnitch 2 can be downloaded from the app store from here, Also, there's a free version "WeatherSnitch" that can be downloaded from here

Jailbreak app: SMS+

SMS+ is the best solution to improve your SMS experience on iOS. It integrates perfectly in the native SMS application, adding to it those functionalities you won't ever be able to stay without after having tried them. SMS+ allows you to quickly reply to an incoming sms without leaving the app you're using, or even bring up (via an Activator gesture) a new window where you can compose a new message, choosing the address from your contacts. It also includes a "Later" feature, which you can use to keep a message unread to read it later (an icon in the Status Bar will remember you that it's there). You can also choose to make your iPhone "speak" an incoming message, maybe when you're driving or you can't look at your iPhone's screen. There are also some other extra options right inside the SMS app, like mark all messages as read, delete all messages, timestamp every message, show/hide conversations and a "Pull to sort" feature, to toggle the conversations sorting between dates and senders.

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Unboxing the Eye Scope for iPhone

James takes a look at the Eye Scope for iPhone, an 8x zoom lens for the iPhone. Enjoy the video!

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