Girl with iPad guitar rocks auditions (OMGuitar app)

OMGuitar is very playable and truly expressive. It responds to the speed of your strumming, catching the emotion of your melody. The quality of the sound is so high that it can easily be used in studio work as a quick method to produce realistic rhythm and arpeggio guitar tracks.  True guitar simulation on the touch-screen device is now possible thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence algorhythm that analyzes your style of playing and alters the sound accordingly.

OMGuitar features a truly mindblowing ergonomic interface. It is supposed to be played with iPad being held in a special way, placed between the laps. This comfortable position lets both hands operate freely, choosing chords and strumming strings. For newbies and keyboardists, it might be easier to define chords with the right hand and strum with the left hand, but it might be the other way for the guitarists.

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Video: iOS 4.3 beta for iPhone and iPad in 5 minutes

The guys at Tipb demoes everything you need to know about iOS 4.3 beta for iPhone and iPad, including orientation lock/mute switch toggle, multitouch navigation gestures, and Wi-Fi personal hotspot. Enjoy the video!

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iPhone app: Dokobots (Freeware)

Dokobots is a Geogame played in the real world! Pick up traveling robot friends and help them in their journeys as they explore our planet. Each player participates in a scavenger hunt to collect and activate new Dokobots. Follow the adventures as your ’bots visit new locations, gathering photos and notes from the people they meet.

Global Scavenger Hunt:

Use an augmented map interface to search for the hidden items in the game. A typical walk to lunch becomes an adventure as you discover and pick up rare and exciting items.

Record your Adventures:

Take photos with the Dokobots that visit you. You can place them in the scene and easily share the image on Facebook, Twitter and Email. Every ’bot keeps a Journal that automatically charts its route through the world, tracking map locations, host players, and user-created entries.

Give them Life:

Newly activated Dokobots are a blank slate. They all love to explore, but it’s up to you to give them a Name and Function. This will influence the type of entries players create for your Dokobots. Is it a world traveler? A hopeless romantic? Determined to find every dive bar in the world? The ultimate destiny of a Dokobot is up to you!

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Seas0nPass Released   Jailbreak AppleTV

Seas0nPass tool for jailbreaking AppleTV has now been released. Seas0nPass was created exclusively for the AppleTV user, as previously no AppleTV specific jailbreak tools were available. Seas0nPass allows you to easily create custom AppleTV IPSW files and restore them in iTunes (similar to the existing Pwnage Tool app). Also included is a simple 'tethered boot' option which aids in using newer AppleTV firmwares when an 'un-tethered' jailbreak is not yet available.

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FakeClockUp   Speed up or slow down iOS animations

FakeClockUp for iPhone / iPad is a really cool MobileSubstrate extension that lets you speed-up or slow-down the animations of iOS. It's nice to play around with. Video demo after the break!

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Apple removing the home button on iPad 2 and iPhone 5   Replacing with Multi touch Gestures

The guys at BGR claims that Apple is planning on removing the home buttons on the next version of iPhone and iPad.

Yes, we are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPad’s design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher. Our source said Apple employees are already testing iPads and iPhones with no home buttons on the Apple campus, and it’s possible we will see this new change materialize with the next-generation iPad and iPhone devices set to launch this year. Additionally, we’re told Apple’s popular photo-taking application, Photo Booth, will be appearing on the next iPad. It’s also very possible that we’ll see iLife apps for iOS unveiled around the iPad 2 release as well.

iPhone game: X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat

Hostile aliens have invaded San Francisco, and you are mankind's last line of defense. X Invasion 2 redefines the 3D arcade-style flight combat genre with intense gameplay, epic storyline, and intuitive controls! X Invasion 2 allows you to fly freely in true 3D over 10,000 square miles of photorealistic and geographically accurate views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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