iPhone game: Paper Glider   Todays free app

How far can you flick and fly your paper plane? Use your finger to swipe the plane, avoid the ceiling fans and get it out of the window.  From the games studio that brought you Flick Football, Golf Putt Pro and Hotshot Pool, this is a totally addictive game.  You need to tap the screen in little bursts to give your plane a wind boost to make it fly through the zones. But you need to judge carefully how much to boost it as you only have a limited amount. Plus you must avoid crashing...Happy flying!

  • iPhone 4 Retina Display
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With FreeSync, you will be able to use your device while syncing. Available for $1 in Cydia Store. Need help jailbreaking your phone? These guides and tutorials will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

iPhone / iPod Speakers: TRON light disc audio dock by Monster
Monster proudly unveils the future of sight, sound and style, inspired by the iconic disc featured in Disney's epic film, Tron. With its soothing, luminous glow, the dual-pipe lighting rings on the Tron Light Disc Sound Dock come alive to the rhythm of your favorite music. This dazzling synchronized display is more than a conversation piece - it's a technological work of art that brings the world of Tron straight into your home or office.

Compatible only with the Tron Light Disc Sound Dock, the Monster Visualizer is the first app to synchronize high-resolution graphics with your music and real lights seamlessly. The Monster-designed Light Drive System uses sophisticated microprocessors to individually control the Light Ring's LEDs. With the Monster Visualizer, your music now controls the Light Disc's LED array.

The powerful five-speaker 2.1 system features four high-performance drivers that deliver ultra-crisp highs, a clear midrange, and extended low-end effects. For an even richer sound experience, the downfiring subwoofer produces room-filling bass. An automatic detector selects iPod/iPhone or auxiliary input when it receives a signal. Also included is a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input for your additional mp3 players, laptops, desktops, and other audio sources.

Technical Details

  • Total 5 drivers - 4x 1.5" drivers and 1 3.5" long-throw woofer.
  • High intensity dual pipe lighting rings with microprocessor controlled lighting effects.
  • iPod Nano, iPod Touch (1-3rd gen), iPhone (1, 3g, 3gs, 4) compatible.
  • 1x 3.5mm auxiliary audio input for addition MP3, notebook or other audio sources.
  • Auto POWER UP/POWER SAVE senses signal before shutting down or turning on.

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iPad game: Doodle Blast! HD

Blast your way through this doodle-filled world with an ever-changing tower of guns precariously attached to the top of your tank. Only the sky is the limit for your arsenal on iPad's huge screen. Blow up choppers, target jets, explode jeeps, and flatten whole armies of enemy foot soldiers. How far can you make it before your own Metal beasts give out?

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iPad app: Flickr HD

Flickr HD is an application for the iPad where you can view your flickr photos with a click of a button. The photos can also change instantly and automatically when the minute changes. The application is fully supported by devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone. The elegant design of the application makes your photos appear brighter.

The application is able to display a new photo from your flickr album every minute. Since the application makes use of the public photostreams you don’t have to enter your password. The application is safe and secure as it will not show private images.

The Instaswitch feature ensures that the photos change immediately at the turn of the minute. You can use it with other people’s public flickr photostreams as well. The application works with pro and free versions of flickr accounts. You can choose between high quality photo display as well as non HD quality.

Name: Flickr HD | Download from: App Store | Price: 2$

iPhone game: Over The Rainbow   Free for today only

The little droplet must return to the earth by encountering different obstacles that fly along its path. It is trying to reach the ground and provide water for the trees to help them grow.

 You only need to tilt the screen slightly to move the droplet and thus elude the clouds and birds. You never have to worry about scratching or smearing the screen with your finger.

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iPad Cash Register, Is this cool or what?

[Thx to all who sent this in]

iPhone game: Nano Fighter! 2.1   Free for a limted time

If you liked Geometry Wars or Super Stardust, you'll love this! Nano Fighter is a fast paced dual-controller game that puts you at the helm of your own microscopic vessel. Your goal is simple: destroy as many parasites, viruses and alien invaders as you can without losing your ship. Pilot your way around the swarms and rip them apart with your plasma gun!

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