PingChat! Vodafone Port Unblocked!

PingChat! is a highly popular IM service. PingChat! provides free, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone-to-smartphone messaging, with real-time conversations, group chat, media sharing, and much more. Read More »

iPhone / iPad: Tower Defense   Lost Earth Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for COM2US' Tower Defense: Lost Earth, a tower defense game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Coming May 26, 2011.

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Review: Wrapsol Original Protective Film for iPad 2

When you buy a device that costs $500 + the first thing you ask yourself is how to protect it. I don't like to put my iPad 2 into a case.  Most cases add considerable bulk to the devices and iPad 2 is too beautiful to be hidden. I use a sleeve or pouch cases to protect my device when I don't use it or when I go out. However I use my iPad every single day and it "travels" around the house allot, and the back, prone to scratching, needs protection. So how to protect the back of the iPad 2 if you don't want to stick it into a case? The answer is simple - Wrapsol protective film. But you may ask why Wrapsol when there are a lot of companies that sell protective films. They are my "first" love. My first Wrapsol product was for my iPhone 3GS, and after months of using the protective film stayed in perfect condition. I even sold my iPhone with the film on it. What I like most about their products is orange peel texture ( matte finish ) that the back part of the protective film have (screen protector is smooth, clean, no orange peel effect), it adds extra grip and looks great.
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Four in a Row   Free iPhone app of the day

Discover the next evolution of Four in a Row with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use. This is a Four in a Row like one you have never experienced before.

How to play:

When you connect four of your tiles in a row before your opponent, you win and you gain the points generated. But, if the device (or your opponent) connects four tiles before you do, you lose, and you also lose all the points you have generated during the game. A connection can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, but it must lie in a straight line and must be connected

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Ringtone Wizard Pro   Free for 1 week

Ringtone Wizard Pro is the most accurate and easy to use ringtone creator for the iPhone.


  • • Extreme precision: trim your songs with 0.1 second accuracy to create perfect ringtones!
  • • Customize ringtone duration from 6 to 40 seconds!
  • • Customize ringtone volume from 50% to 200%! Boost the volume of songs to make sure you will hear your phone ringing in any environment!
  • • Works on ANY iPhone with iOS4.1 or newer. Yes, we have not forgotten the iPhone 3G!
  • • Also works on the iPad 2 and fourth-generation iPod touch. Create ringtones for FaceTime!
  • • Assign custom ringtones for everyone in your contact list!
  • • Use custom ringtones as alarm sounds in the clock app!
  • • Use the built-in player to quickly inspect any part of your song for the best clips, without changing your current Start/Length parameters.
  • • Drag and drop the current player time value into Start/End or use the sliders for quick editing.
  • • Fine Control buttons (+/-) let you tune your ringtone start and length in 0.1 second steps. Hold them for quick changes!
  • • Optional Fade In/Out to make a professional quality ringtone!
  • • Export ringtones via iTunes file sharing or use the built-in email export feature for sending ringtones to your friends!
  • • Ringtone installation is quick and easy, and we provide a video tutorial to show you how!
  • • Pays for itself with the first ringtone you make!

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Video: The iPhone Oximeter

The Electrical and Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) research group in collaboration with the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team (PART) at the University of British Columbia have developed the Phone Oximeter; a pulse oximeter interfaced to a mobile phone. The Phone Oximeter allows for the rapid acquisition of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and as a novel feature: respiratory rate. The included decision support engine can inform both medical staff and non-experts about critical physiological events that require their attention.

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Explosion Kills 2 at Foxconn Plant (iPad factory)

A large explosion ripped through a Foxconn high-tech plant in southwestern China Friday night, killing at least two people and suspending production at the facility.

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