Facebook’s iPad App Is actually Hidden Inside their iPhone App

It appears the official Facebook app for iPad may be relaesed in the App Store very soon, as the iPad app is actually hidden, inside the iPhone app and it's executable!

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Fake Apple Store in China   Live video

Heres a brief visit to one of the most famous Apple Stores in the world, which isn't really isn't an Apple Store, filmed on July 22, 2011 with the help of a MacBook.

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Epic War TD is free for today only!

Epic War TD, Probably the best tower defense game for iPhone and iPad is free for 1 day so hurry up and download it while its free! Enjoy.


  • Enjoy MASSIVE BATTLES at screaming fast 60FPS (benchmark for iPhone 4)
  • 10 Unique levels with up to 60 waves per level
  • 5 Different towers to create real massacre
  • 14 types of enemies to annihilate
  • Endless mode on each level
  • FULL HD Retina graphics
  • Game Center with Achievements and Leaderboards
  • OpenFeint enabled
  • Great and polished controls and User Interface

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The worlds biggest Apple store to open in New Yorks Grand Central Station.

Still with a few bucks left to spend, Apple Inc has signed a 10-year deal with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority to open its biggest store in the world in New York's Grand Central Terminal.

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Star Walk 3.0   Astronomy app for iPhone

Whether you are Star Wars or Star Trek fans, astronomy beginners or amateurs discover stars, planets, constellations and more with Star Walk. The most amazing, high quality, dynamic and realistic stargazing guide on earth. It simply makes astronomy easy for everybody!

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The video below is a new commercial demonstrating the iPad's revolutionary nature.   The voice over for this ad was provided by Peter Coyote and put together by Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles.  The video shows that the iPad does not take away from your life but is a handy assistant for your life.

We’ll never stop sharing our memories…or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.


AdBlocker for iPhone

AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebView). If an app is using UIWebViews to display content (other browsers like Skyfire, browser in a twitter client, etc) AdBlocker will block ads from being loaded and tries to optimize the space. AdBlock will reduce your data usage and often speed up loading of pages by blocking image based ads; extremely useful if you have a limited cellular data plan - it will save you money!

BlockLists are being downloaded from the net. No need to create huge configurationsfiles yourself. AdBlocker is very fast, regex-based tool and can handle lists with thousands of entries without noticable slowing down the apps. Lists for 17 languages are build in, but you can easily add custom lists. Just google 'adblock lists' to find urls. This is a true AdBlock equivalent to extension for desktop browsers, it uses huge lists that can single out specific parts of a domain, or only folders from a domain or even just a single image and therefor is superior to adblocking methods based only on hostnames.

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