Video: The End Of Angry Birds?

A compilation of all six cut scenes at the end of each chapter in the original Angry Birds. The end of episode 6, Mine and Dine is different than all the rest which means only one thing?

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Pirates 3D Cannon Master   Free app of the day

In Pirates 3D, immerse yourself into epic warship battles of the great pirate age with other seafarers from all over the world. You pick up one warship from 10 great sailing warships that are detailed with great accuracy. More ships will be added soon!

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Introducing the Ear Phone iPhone case

This beautiful iPhone case can be yours (if you buy it)  and if you live in England and know where to find an Urban Outfitters.  So impress your friends with the stylish new Earphone for iPhone.


iTunes Match on iOS

This video demos iTunes Match on an iOS Device. Works basically the same it appears as a desktop. Users will be able to stream and download songs from their matched iTunes library. iTunes Match stores your complete music library in iCloud, allowing you to enjoy your collection anywhere, anytime, on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer. iTunes Match beta is currently available to developers in the United States. Beta subscribers will receive iTunes Match service during the beta period plus an additional 3 months for free with their 12 month paid subscription.

To get started with iTunes Match, download the current version of iOS 5 beta and iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 with iTunes Match. Once installed, choose Turn On iTunes Match from the Store menu, and click “Subscribe for $24.99.”

Please note that you must maintain a local backup of your iTunes library as well as any music you add to iCloud. Apple will periodically reset your iCloud library during the beta and it is critical that you backup your music regularly. Some features and optimizations of iTunes Match will not be available during the beta.

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iTunes Match on a Mac with live streaming and download

iTunes Match is a $25/year subscription system with iCloud that allows you to access your entire iTunes library on all your devices over the Internet.

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Blowing Pixels Planet Defender   debut trailer

Play an addictive arcade shooter that's strong on strategy with a retro soul. Three planets are attacked by alien bombs, saucers and asteroids. Your mission is to protect them by shooting laser missiles that will explode every enemy into thousands of pixels. During your mission you'll be helped by powerups and weapon upgrades, but the most important things you need to win this game are fast reflexes and ballistic skills. Full integration with Game Center will allow you to earn lots of achievements and compete with players from all over the world.
Now is your time to save the universe... Are you ready?

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You can download todays iPhone 4 Wallpapers from our iPhone 4 Wallpaper gallery. Enjoy!

Note: Did you know that we update our iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPad/ iPad2 wallpaper galleries once / day? You can find the latest wallpapers in the sidebar, so make sure to check that out every time you visit us!

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