iPhone: Augmented Reality Cinema

This video shows a selection of films you could see in London, what films would you like to see in AR? What would be your ultimate ARCinema city? Leave a comment below.

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Fruit Link   Freeware app for iPhone / iPad

This is a traditional linking up elimination game. Just click the same fruit one by one. Only when the direct linking corners between each other are less than two. With the level up, the trouble increases. Let's challenge ourselves and the higher scores.

Name: Fruit Link| Download from: App Store | Price: Free

Cool feature eh?

Cannot connect to Youtube error

The "Cannot connect to youtube" error is a very common error, on the iPhones & iPods. There are many solutions to solve this error, but I am going to show you the most efficient & easy ones.

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Line Jumper   Free for a limited time

Line Jumper, a new kind of an addicting stick and destructible ragdoll based jumping game. Simply draw lines on the screen to make platforms you can jump off from. Try to get as high as possible, use bumpers to rocket yourself into the sky and collect as many stars as possible. Keep an eye on your energy level and quickly draw your platforms to prevent breaking into smithereens.


  • - Stick graphics!
  • - Fast paced action
  • - Ragdoll physics
  • - Draw "jump off platforms" yourself
  • - Offline and Online highscore leaderboard
  • - Compare with your friends and the best players in the world
  • - In game Tutorial

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iPad / iPhone app: AlexPanda HD   Free for today only

Poor Alex the Panda is having his flight trip to Hawaii but accidentally drops out of the plane to a deserted tropical island. Alex is too lazy to escape, so you are the only one that can help him to survive through all kinds of dangers!  AlexPanda HD supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you have made up your mind to help Alex for the greatest challenge of his life, download now to play all the 100 stages. Alex is more than happy to have your help!

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Apple planning to release high powered iPhone 5 and cheaper version of iPhone 4

Apple plans to introduce a new version of its best-selling iPhone in September, with a new chip and is at the same time developing a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 aimed at developing countries, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday, citing unnamed sources. The iPhone 5 will possess a more powerful A5 chip for processing data and a more advanced 8-megapixel camera, but will closely resemble the iPhone 4, the people said in the report.
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Appslide app for jailbroken iPhones is like a back button, but better.

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