Today Big Blue Bubble Inc. released a sequel to their smash hit iPhone game Burn the Rope, with over 6 million downloads. Burn the Rope: WORLDS, the hot new addition to the Burn the Rope franchise is finally available for an iPhone near you!

Burn the Rope: Worlds lights up your iPhone all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn. Like the original Burn the Rope, the goal is to burn as much rope as possible without letting the flames burn out. Flames only burn upwards and the phone must be rotated in order to keep the flames going. Along the way different types of bugs crawling along the rope can help or hinder players as they try to solve each puzzle.

Burn the Rope: Worlds’ Endless Burn is a brand new mini-game where the player tries to collect as many bugs as possible — the catch is that as the player collects bugs their flame trail gets longer, and if they run into the flame trail the round is over! Endless Burn features 3 different levels of difficulty and can be played using different types flames so players of all skill levels can share in the fun.
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Blowing Pixels Planet Defender is an addictive arcade shooter that's strong on strategy with a retro soul. Three planets are attacked by alien bombs, saucers and asteroids. Your mission is to protect them by shooting laser missiles that will explode every enemy into thousands of pixels. During your mission you'll be helped by powerups and weapon upgrades, but the most important things you need to win this game are fast reflexes and ballistic skills.

I cant wait until it will be possible to pay stuff like this!

Dolphin Browser is now avail for the iPad! Dolphin Browser, presented by Mobotap, is the most intelligent mobile web browser available that allows you to interact and engage with the web through your mobile device in the easiest, most intuitive way.

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Final Freeway is todays free iPhone / iPad app of the day so hurry up and download it while its free!


  • Impressive frame rate (even on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G)
  • 8 exciting and diverse levels
  • 3 original sound tracks
  • Game Center support
  • iPod music support
  • iPad and Retina display support
  • Very responsive and fun accelerometer steering
  • Optional touch-based steering
  • Optional accelerometer-based aligned horizon
  • Standard Course, Shuffled Course and Time Attack play modes
  • Normal and Expert difficulty selection

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Looking for a new educational app? Or planning on spending time with your kids to explore how amazing our world is? Probably yes, if you are reading this now! So, let us introduce to you our renovated educational app Geo Walk - 3D World Fact Book. Open the app and start discovering the wonderful world around you.

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You can download todays iPhone 4 Wallpapers from our iPhone 4 Wallpaper gallery. Enjoy!

Note: Did you know that we update our iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPad/ iPad2 wallpaper galleries once / day? You can find the latest wallpapers in the sidebar, so make sure to check that out every time you visit us!

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