Rip Off   Free app of the day

With his parents away at work, a tiny bird must protect his brothers and sisters - still just eggs! - from an advancing army of evildoers intent on stealing them. This is the challenge of Rip Off, where you control a ninja-like bird capable of slashing through countless enemies.


  • - A unique game concept: Slash across the screen to destroy enemies and keep all eggs safe!
  • - An easy to play but difficult to master arcade game with tons of objectives to complete!
  • - Tons of unique and challenging enemies, all with special moves and powers!
  • - Tons of trophies to unlock that can be used to customize your game!
  • - Leaderboards & Achievements with OpenFeint!

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Interview with Chief Marketing Officer at Rovio

The folks at T3 meet Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Marketing Officer at Rovio, to chat about all things Angry Birds.

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QuickGoogle app   Use Google search from anywhere

Want to be able to do a google search from anywhere on your iPhone? QuickGoogle is the tweak for you. QuickGoogle is a free jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that is available on Cydia. Need help jailbreaking your phone? These guides and tutorials will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

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iPhone / iPad music app: RGBSOUND

This is not a virtual instrument, this is not a drum machine, and not a sequencer: this is RGBSound! By tapping the colours you play sounds and you launch infinite electronic loops, by shaking the device you change your music pattern. RGBSound is simple, fast and intuitive; create your groove and surprise yourself! Connect RGBSound to your hi-fi or to a Dj music system and put your hands up in the air!!

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Kung Fu Master Pig   Free app of the day

Flying Skill,Jump in the water,Quick Pace are the core of Chinese Kung-fu,But Chinese Kung-fu is not easy. This game will show you how to make Chinese Kung-fu.The game grade can be uploaded to the internet,so all players can Pk together.

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Tower of Babel   Free app of the day

Tower of Babel is a gorgeous screen, special effects, dazzling puzzle game. Game music melody aesthetic. Play a unique and easy way to bring players an unusual feeling

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China sends 3 people to prison over iPad2 leaks

A Chinese court sentenced three people to prison terms for collaborating to steal information from a key supplier regarding Apple Inc.'s iPad 2 several months before its release, the latest outcome from leaks about products made by the technology giant.

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Tablet war: Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 vs Apple iPad 2

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and Apple iPad 2. Check out the video comparison after the break!

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