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iPhone wins touchscreen performance tests against Moto Droid, Nexus One and others

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Google Nexus One Vs. iPhone 3GS   Video Comparison

Here's a comparison video between the Google Nexus One and the Apple iPhone 3GS. The video comparison covers specs, browser, speed, navigation and more.

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Photos: iPhone 3GS vs Google Nexus One

Here are some comparing pictures between the iPhone 3GS and the google / HTC Nexus One. Enjoy!

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Gallery: iPhone Vs. Sony Ericsson Robyn

Here are 3  comparison pictures between the new Sony Ericsson Robyn (Android) and the Apple iPhone. Enjoy

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Off Topic: Google Releases New Fuck You iPhone Phone

LOL at this video (gave me a few laughs). Google's new phone destroys the competition by systematically terrorizing iPhone's users. Video after the break...

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