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Super LOL at this video 😉

Viral Infomercial produced by BCLIP. TV Hat is great for the whole family. Virtual reality experience for gamers. Clear glare free studio for photographers. Fits most MP3 players including the iPod  and iPhone. A movie theater experience absolutely anywhere! Take it on a long commute, on the plane, or even on a camping trip.

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Meet KegMate, an iPad-powered beer monitor. Enjoy the video!

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Human Touch, creator of the best massage chairs in the world, have unrevealed their latest AcuTouch 9500 massage chair that also utilizes iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps for creating/saving custom massage programs and also control the massage chair via bluetooth, pretty cool stuff.

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Heres a hands-on video with the AirPhone 4 (Chinese iPhone 4 clone). The video is pretty funny so check it out after the break!

AirPhone 4 Features:

3G Data Capable, Calendar, Color Screen, Email Access, Internet Browser, SMS-Text Messaging, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Capable.

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Heres a video demo of the WiiPhoto iPhone app. The app uses your Wii console to watch photos on your widescreen TV without the need for any additional cables. Supports photos located on your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad), Flickr account photos, Flickr Interesting photos, Flickr photos taken nearby your current location, Flickr photos from popular places, Facebook account photos, Facebook photos from your friends' albums, SmugMug account photos, iPhoto photos and photos located in any Mac folder.

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Video description: So here's the story. On Aug 4th I walked into a local BestBuy store, walked by Apple section and I saw bunch of iPads laying around. I was curious about whether Apple requested Bestbuy to block the website. So I tried accessing the website using Bestbuy's WiFi and what d you was blocked. I was walking out that all of a sudden I thought about jailbreaking the iPad using my Nexusone's hotspot. So I went back, connected the iPad to my Nexusone and using T-Mobile's 3G network I started surfing the net, accessing and jailbreaking the device. Check out the video after the break...

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who opened the second day of Campus Party on Tuesday, talked about the iPhone antenna issues, which he describes as 'a very tiny, tiny problem blown out of proportion', Apple, Google, Steve Jobs and the importance of youthful idealism.

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These guys have too much free time 😉

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