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In this video, some guy with to much money and free time, tries to destroys his iPad with a Shotgun. Do not try this at home 😉

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This is probably the funnies iPad vs dog video ever 😉  Check it out after the break!

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Haha this is by far the coolest video ive seen this month! Check out the Smartphone Domino effect after the break 😉

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"Sweet Dream" performed live for audience on 20.08.2010 by "The iPad Orchestra" on 4 iPads. Composed by Ilya Plavunov.

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Video Description: Since the iPhone 4 came out I have been working on a way to stabilize the phone on a tripod. Instead of fabricating a mount and gluing on a case, I recycled an old damaged Canon SLR Body and molded the a Apply iPhone 4G inside of it. With the weight of the Canon Body(stability during recording), mountings(tripods,LED lights, microphone), and the combination of a DOF adapter and SLR lens(depth-to-field effect, zoom lens), I now have a iCanon4.

This SLR Camera can "Facetime", take a call while recording, or record your kids event from the back of the room and post it on Vimeo, or Youtube right away....Thanks for watching!

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The iPhone controlled AR.Drone gets unboxed by the folks at parrotardrone. Check it out after the break!

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This has become known as the iPad class.

Corey Angst, assistant professor of management at the University of Notre Dame, told his students on their first day of class Aug. 24. "It's actually's 'Project Management.'"


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You can watch the Apple media event LIVE on your PC by visiting this page.

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