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Heres a video of a historic moment for birds and pigs everywhere. Taken from the Israeli comedy show 'Eretz Nehederet'

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The Chinese has done it again. This time they managed to clone the Nokia N8 and run iPhone iOS on it. Check out the video preview after the break. Enjoy!

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains, for the first time, the truth behind the delays in getting the white iPhone 4 to market ūüėČ

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YEY! We did it again! Daily iPhone Blog just hit the all time record!  Check out the image above for more stats! Once again, thank you visiting us guys!

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On October 24, 2010, Frank proposed to his girlfriend Kasey. He asked his geeky friends to help him pull off an elaborate surprise proposal in New York City's Central Park. Hidden cameras were synced with special iPhone apps so the entire event could be watched from a safe distance. Kasey was lured to a specific location by a friend, who was in on the whole surprise. It was a totally awesome proposal and Kasey said "yes"

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At a rally in Seattle at the University of Washington, the President signed his autograph on an iPad using the Adobe Ideas app.

Generally, the President doesn't sign autographs along the ropeline because pens can be used as a weapon, so I thought I would try to hand him my iPad with a message on it saying, "Mr. President, sign my iPad".

He looked at it for a second and then used his left hand to sign. It was kinda funny because he looked up and gave me a big grin afterwards as if he thought it was pretty cool too. This has to be the first time the iPad has received a Presidential autograph on the ropeline.

A few funny things to notice:
1. Look at the secret service behind him shake his head at first
2. Listen to me say, "can you sign it with your finger?" at around 0:17
3. Reggie Love apparently found it pretty funny too
4. If you see the actual autograph, notice how there is a small black mark in the lower right corner, I had to give him a demo on how it works

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Heres a video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space. Enjoy the video!

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