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The new Skype offers a redesigned user interface for messages and contacts  and has better performance and is also reported to be more stable.

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If you like collectible card games with a fantasy/battle theme, you may love Buffstone’s MonTowers, a monster collecting and fighting game for iOS.

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Anyone who uses their iPhone to its full potential is probably connected all over the Web.  Between social networking sites and email, calls and texting are almost secondary features for smartphone users.  The developers of my facecard recognize this, as well as our increasing ability to customize not only our own online experiences but the experiences others have interacting with us online.  With all that in mind, they’ve created a new type of contact card sharing application that connects the dots while it connects people to one another.

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Total War Battles: Shogun, a new real-time strategy game was released on App Store today.

Check the video review after the break.

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Pictosoft’s first person aerial shooter, Medal of Gunner (MOG) doesn’t put you in the pilot’s seat—but that’s okay, because these are B-17s, not F-16s.  Would you rather pilot or blow up bad guys? Pretty easy choice, if you ask me.

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Lucky Fighter is a new casual game from Hiccup Studio.  A customizable main character, quirky art direction, and pick-up-and-play ease are what defines Lucky Fighter—is it enough to catch and keep the attention of fickle casual gamers? To get a piece of the popularity pie, a casual game has to have the “it” factor—whatever it is that makes these games, which are so easy to learn, simply impossible to put down.  Lucky Fighter has “it.”

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The Commuter iPod case from Otterbox is a perfect fit for my use.  It offers great protection and looks great as well.  It doesn’t add too much extra bulk or weight to the device overall.

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Oozoo’s new title, Brandnew Boy boasts some of the best hand to hand combat controls we’ve seen for the iPhone and its siblings.  Powered by Unreal Engine’s 3D platform, the game offers beautiful settings, creepy and funny monsters, and oodles of exceptional combat.

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