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iPhone 6

This can probably be chalked up as the most obvious news of the year, but according to a recent survey the iPhone 6 and any handset that launches alongside it will sell in the millions. Yeah, we get it, you hardly need a survey to tell you that the iPhone 6 will sell well, simply because that is what all iPhones do. Millions of units shift at launch and the device continues to be the lead seller throughout its life, so the iPhone 6 will be a bon-a-fide hit. Read More »

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The number of thefts of Apple iPhones has fallen recently, and there's only one explanation for the drop in crime, according to law enforcement - Apple instituted Activation Lock to make it tougher to use a stolen iPhone. The New York Times has a story in which officers in New York, San Francisco, and London state that they believe the new security measure is the reason. Read More »

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iPhone 6 and phablet

We have been flooded with iPhone 6 leaks over the last few weeks and the more the merrier we say. We are not the kind to turn down the chance to see the newest smartphone from Cupertino before launch, but something in all of these images has been conspicuous by its absence. We are of course talking about the reported iPhone phablet that has been rumoured to be launching alongside the 6. If so many leaks of the iPhone 6 have arrived from production runs and other sources, where is the phablet, is it just a myth? Read More »

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iPhone 6 size

The iPhone 6 leaks are pouring in now and our belief that this is the final design and the actual handset is pretty solid at this point. As the old adage says, there is no smoke without fire and we are seeing this same smartphone show up in multiple images and it must be the real deal. We will get to the general look of the handset and what we expect from it shortly, but first we wanted to show you this latest image. Read More »

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iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 rumors are coming thick and fast as the countdown to Apple's latest smartphone begins. The latest image is the clearest we have seen of what is supposed to be Cupertino's sixth iteration of the game changing device. The leak is courtesy of Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese singer and actor who has a history of leaking Apple products in the past. Read More »

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Apple iPhone 6

We have seen plenty of iPhone 6 leaks over the last few weeks, ranging from covers and cases and components for the upcoming smartphone. What we have not seen yet is a full bodied iPhone 6, at least not one that looks like it could be the real deal. That has changed today as an image has leaked online showing what seems to be an iPhone 6 in all of its glory, completed and as a whole. Read More »

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iPhone sales predictions

Taking Wall Street's word on all things Apple would have iOS enthusiasts sitting in a dark room shaking slowly. According to analysts on the stock exchange, Apple is riding a very thin line and will collapse at any time because of a lack of new innovation. Without that killer product that defined the company in the 21st century Apple will lose its core appeal, that of a company that makes and defines trends and not follows them. Read More »

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At some point, you have to check all the boxes check by your rivals. Windows 8 tablets have split screens in some capacity, and so do Samsung's Galaxy Tab series. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Apple embraced the idea and built iOS 8 to have it's own 2-for-1 screen. The difference is Apple's still very much in beta and working to turn that work-in-progress into a finished product.

Users of the iOS 8 developer edition have discovered that there exists code in Springboard that references two apps running side-by-side. The codes also show the ability to adjust the amount of space each window takes up, enabling a 50-50 split or 75-25 share. It will be a big boost to multitasking and a worthwhile solution for people who want to accomplish tasks or discover information without having to jump back and forth between windows. As someone who loves Multi-Window on the Galaxy Tab but also uses an iPad Mini, I'd be very happy not to have to give up one of the best tablet features when switching from one platform to the other.

According to sources from a few connected bloggers, Apple removed multitasking from the beta because it was too buggy. That's a recurring theme in recent days, but one that doesn't make us any less enthused about the prospect of getting split screens. We may have that wish granted come September.


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