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iPhone app: Convertbot 1.5   Best conversion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch

The ConvertBot  app is a conversion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you convert currency, length, mass, time and much more in an exciting new way. In addition to its innovative interface, Convertbot can also convert to and from mixed units. Are you 5 foot 9 inches tall? Other converters require you to convert that to 5.75 ft in your head before being able to enter it. Convertbot allows mixed units like Foot + Inches, Pounds + Ounces, and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • Beautiful and unique user interface that makes unit conversions a joy
  • Mixed Units. Convert to and from Foot + Inches, Pound + Ounces, and Hours + Minutes
  • Large, well-placed input buttons with audio feedback to make data input effortless
  • Currency Rates automatically updated every time the app is launched

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iPhone 3gs wallpapers iPhone 3gs wallpapers

iPhone 3g wallpapers iPhone 3g wallpapers

The iPhone and iPod Touch wallpaper gallery got updated with 30 new wallpapers, Head over to our Wallpaper section to download them all.

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This is a review of the Need For Speed Shift game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Name: Need For Speed Shift |  Download fromApp StorePrice: 7$

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iPhone iLid - the worlds simplest digital lid ;)

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WordCrasher is a new word game designed from the ground up for iPhone and iPod Touch. Featuring online high scores, achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration, WordCrasher will keep you hooked. Coming soon to the App Store

Name: WordCrasher  |  Download from:  N/A |  Price: N/A

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Twittelator Pro   Best Twitter application for iPhone and iPod Touch

Twittelator Pro is the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly. Feel the pulse of the Twittersphere!

Just a few features of the over 200 features:

  • Create and tweet audio clips and hi-rez photos
  • Video: record, edit and tweet video
  • Unlimited drafts and offline tweeting
  • Create lists of friends
  • See anyone's lists and join them
  • Post map of your location
  • Find tweets nearby anywhere
  • Handles multiple Twitter accounts
  • Built-in browser to view links, movies, audio
  • Get details, follow or block any user
  • Find nearby tweeters and map their location
  • Advanced searching (save them too)
  • Email, ReTweet, and copy tweets
  • Trending Topics
  • Autorefresh

Name: Twittelator Pro |  Download fromApp StorePrice: 5$

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Here are tons of demo videos on the AR.Drone : The First wi-fi quadricopter that can be controlled by iPhone and iPod touch. Enjoy!

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iPhone wins touchscreen performance tests against Moto Droid, Nexus One and others

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