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South Korean company, Actoz Soft has just released an exciting new game called "In a Space" for Canadian iOS gamers. This game features top-down exciting game play which many hardcore gamers can easily pick up and plan. Players will be thrust onto planets inhabited with monsters ready to destroy you at moment's notice.

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Apple iWatch has been a rumor for many months, ranging from a concept that put the iPod nano on wrist strap to one that features an iPhone connected Bluetooth watch.  As we drift on into 2014 we will here more of these rumors escalate.  We are sharing the most recent photos as they have been seen around the web. The iWatch has been rumored to include a new health app that's said to be part of iOS 8. Read More »

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We have compiled five of the best Free iOS apps for February 2014.  Each month we try to bring you the Top Paid and Free iOS Apps so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often to stay up to date with the best apps for your iOS device. This List includes a couple games as well as other categories for iOS. Please take a moment to share this content socially and subscribe to our channel for the best content online.   If you missed our last Top Cydia Tweaks video you may check it out here.  Watch the video below for a look at some of the best features inside these Five Free iOS apps.

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The lockscreen is one of the first things users and others see.  The lockscreen can show as much about the individual as they wish to express.  Users can mix and match thousands of different ways to have their iOS  device look as simple or complex as they wish.  We have put together a list of what we feel is the Top 10 Lockscreens for jailbroken iPhones.  You can find the list below along with a few other tweaks needed to make them show or not show certain lockscreen items. Read More »

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Theming is one of the most popular reasons users tend to jailbreak their iOS devices.  Jailbreak 2014 has delivered some pretty amazing themes to say the least.  Some of the top themes among jailbreakers is Ayecon and Carla for iOS 7.  These theme developers have definitely gotten some competition over the past few weeks. Today we are bringing the Top Five Paid Winterboard Themes for iOS 7.  These five themes are definitely the elite of their type.  We will be doing the second part of the Top Paid Themes so be sure to check back soon. For now, watch the video below Read More »

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There's a way that jailbroken iPhone users can enjoy hearing their text and/or banners read as they come into the iPhone.  It offers users a great way to use their devices while driving without having to take their eyes off the road. That way is Speak Notification, a 99-cent tweak currently available inBigBoss Repo that can arguably be considered one of the top reasons to jailbreak iOS 7. Read More »

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Do you enjoy playing Pokemon?  Most of us can probably remember the Pokemon era which hit a few years ago.  What's odd is this card game has stood the test of time reeling in more and more players as time progresses.  Students still bring these cards to school to trade and play.  Now we can add a hint of technology into Pokemon by using our iOS devices and consoles to play.  This makes playing Pokemon even more fun than it was if you can believe that.

Are you bored with the same old characters?  PokeBuilder is a simple, inexpensive way to get the characters you always wanted for being the top dawg.  Using PokeBuilder, users can create their characters and upload them directly to Nintendo DS and several other consoles.  It’s very simple to do and fun also.  All your friends will be asking how to get the new characters and moves once they see you play. Read More »

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Don't bother stopping at the front desk the next time you go to check-in to a hotel; just go up to your room and unlock the door using Bluetooth on your iPhone. A US hotel company is testing that very scenario in the hopes that it can use iPhones and other smartphones as a room key. The system works like this:

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