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iPhone 6 rumored to have 4.9 inch screen

The next iPhone is expected to introduce radical changes to the design of the next Apple smartphone, and one of the biggest of those changes will be to increase the size of the supposed iPhone 6. Now we have a closer idea of how much bigger it will get. Read More »

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Learn Guitar Using Coach Guitar iOS App

CoachGuitar is an iOS application which users can download for free to learn guitar.  Users can choose from four different songs for free.  Other songs can be downloaded for a reasonable price of $3.99.  The library currently has over 60 song titles and growing daily.  Each song has video demonstrations broken down into short learning videos, along with tablature and finger placement on screen.  Save hundreds of dollarts in lesson fees for guitar lessons. Read More »

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iSafe iOS App Review   keep your personal data private without locking down your phone

iSafe is an iOS application available in either a free lite version or a paid version for $0.99 that makes keeping your private information a little more sophisticated. It adds security to iOS devices for photos, movies, and documents. Users can feel safe that the content on their iOS device will be safe from prying eyes while away from their idevice. Read More »

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Track Finances Using iOS devices Running Alzex Finance

We all can keep better finance records I’m sure.  I can’t think of a better way to improve our records than using our iOS devices.  Developer Alexandr Shirokov has created a software which users can track their finances very easily.  The software can be used through an iOS application called Alzex Finance.  It makes keeping better finance records a breeze.  Users can simply choose a category and enter an amount for a complete picture. Read More »

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Awesome iPad Air Game: GT Racing 2 [Free]

I can't think of a better way to break in a new device.  GT Racing 2 by Gameloft is one of the better racing games in the App Store, and it's available now for free.  Unfortunately, Gameloft tries to force users to buy upgrades by placing timers between races and such.  The overall play of the game is great but I almost always dismiss a game when they try this strategy.  Hopefully, after some reviews Gameloft will change their strategy into a different direction that better represents an otherwise great game. Watch the video below to see the game n action on an iPad Air. Read More »

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YouTube Capture 2.0 adds more editing and sharing features

While much of the YouTube community is still complaining about the recent switch to Google+ for handling comments, the YouTube Capture app for iPhone and iPad has received a big update. YouTube Capture allows users to jump directly into recording a video, and it can edit out portions of a recording, combine vide clips, and pause and resume recording. Take a look at the video below to see how it operates. Read More »

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Wallpapers by Brett Jordan

You can download today's new iPad Wallpapers from our new iPad Wallpaper gallery. Enjoy!

Note: Did you know that we update our iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4S / iPhone4 , iPad/ iPad2 and New iPad/iPad3 wallpaper galleries once / day? You can find the latest wallpapers in the sidebar, so make sure to check that out every time you visit us!

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iPhone casino players can enjoy their games via Neteller

Whatever you do in life these days, it’s usually possible to organize it on your iPhone. Whether you’re paying the bills or topping up your bank account you can pretty much run your life through your iPhone. And that includes the fun things in life too, like playing casino games and placing the odd bet or two in places where that kind of thing is legal.

Read More »

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