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Speed Intensifier Updated For iOS 7: Increase Animation Speeds

Speed Intensifier, a tweak designed to make your iPhone move faster, has been updated for iOS 7. The developer has made certain it doesn't drain battery, and users who are running 64 bit devices may also enjoy the increased animation speeds of this tweak. What else can do it? Read below to find out. Read More »

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ClassicLockscreen Cydia Tweak Adds iOS 6 Lockscreen

Classiclockscreen allows users to have the iOS 6 lockscreen style but use iOS 7 firmware.  Users can get this new tweak in BigBoss Repo for $0.99.  So if you are really tired of the iOS 7 lockscreen and want to get back the screen you preferred, grab this tweak to remedy that.  Check out our video below for a look at the tweak in action.   Read More »

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Pro Widgets Now available in BigBoss Repo

Don't miss the most talked about tweak this year and what could be "Tweak of 2014". Pro Widgets was developed by Alan Yip and can be found in BigBoss Repo for $2.99. The developer has built a website which is totally devoted to this tweak and helping users get the most out of it. Pro Widgets comes with several different widgets already installed such as dictionary, browser, calendar, and more. Read More »

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Apple iPhone 5c poor sales lead to cheaper 8GB model in Europe

The Apple iPhone 5c was supposed to be a phone that helped Apple fight off competition by introducing a slightly cheaper version of the phone, but sales of the device have so far been disappointing. Apple will reportedly try to reignite those efforts with a cheaper 8GB version of the iPhone 5C. Read More »

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Weekly RoundUp Cydia Tweaks March 12, 2014

We look forward to sharing the Top Ten Cydia Tweaks each week here at DIB.  This weeks tweaks include some awesome tweaks you definitely want to download.  Be sure to check out our video review below. Please take a moment to share this with all your social media and subscribe to our channel. Previous Weeks Round Up and our playlist for Top Tweaks for the Year.

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Top 10 FREE iPhone Apps   March 9, 2014 [iPhone 5/5S/5C/4S, iPad Mini, iPodTouch]

Each month we try to bring you the Top Free iOS 7 Apps of the month.  Be sure to watch the Top Five Free iOS 7 Apps for last month, February if you missed it.  We try to show applications which heklp increase usability of the iOS device overall or Games we feel are the elite. Feel free to leave a comment including your favorite iOS app below.  Please take a moment to share this content socially if you found it useful. Click the subscribe button if you want more content like this on a regular basis. Read More »

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Beautiful iPhone Air concept video shows what to expect from next iPhone

Viewing concept videos for smartphones is usually a waste of time because they are so forward-looking and divorced from reality that they're really about a graphic designer showing off rather than being a practical representation of what you might see in the near future. The video you see below is also a waste of time because it's one of the many iPhone concept videos out there, but this one has at least one redeeming quality: it's actually rooted in some reality. Read More »

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Top 10 Free Winterboard Themes iPhone 5/5S/5C/4S March 8, 2014

It's that time of the week when we share the Top 10 Free Winterboard Themes.  However, this week has an Easter Egg added.  You will have to watch the video below to see what that is. Please take a moment to share this socially and Subscribe before leaving.  Below is a list of the Free Themes minus the Easter Egg. Read More »

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