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What is MagicWand? It's a cool little accessory that connects Apple's Magic Trackpad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard, creating the sleek, one-piece input device you've been imagining. MagicWand creates an amazingly efficient keyboard you can pair with iMac, MacBook and your Apple home theater setup. Use it on your desk, the sofa or anyplace else you use your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple's Magic Trackpad.

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Heres a review of the iHome iA100 for iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can find the review after the break.

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The Bluetooth Game Gripper is a great way to play games on your iPhone, Droid X, or other supported smart phone. The various app stores are full of tons of fun games, but what about the greatest games of all time? *Super Mario, *Contra, and *Sonic the Hedgehog (to name a few) can also be played through emulating programs on your phone. The on-screen controls just don't work or feel right. This is where the Bluetooth Game Gripper comes in, it gives you all the buttons you need and holds your phone securely in place while you play.

Supported phones:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • DroidX
  • HTC Touch Pro II
  • Nexus one
  • Nexus S
  • Motorola Click
  • Galaxy S tab

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The newly announced Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset gets unboxed by the folks at slashgear. Head over to the next page to view the unboxing video. Enjoy!

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Jawbone today unveiled Jawbone ERA. The Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset delivers the highest quality HD audio experience, unprecedented intelligence using motion technology, and a robust computing platform that all work together to deliver richer applications.

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Introducing the TypeTop Bluetooth mini keyboard case for iPhone 4 from Mobile Fun. Improve your typing speed and accuracy without having to find a place to keep the keyboard, and also access special functions like skipping tracks and adjusting the volume without having to touch the phone.

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