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Fitbit has updated its Apple iOS 7 app to include basic fitness tracking, a surprising move for a company that benefits most when people purchase its wristband accessory. Even people who don’t have a Fitbit can use the companion app because the latest version now available for download uses the M7 motion sensor to provide fitness stats in its place. Read More »

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Congratulations, you're a brand new owner of an Apple iOS device. Now you only need to figure out a few of the best iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini games to download now and start taking advantage of what that iOS device is capable of doing. The App Store has hundreds of thousands of more choices, but these are a good starting point. Here's a list of 15 of the best options to get started. Read More »

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Christmas always brings welcome gifts for people looking to save a few extra coins when purchasing iPhone apps. This is the time of year that developers drop prices to jockey for position on the App Store rankings, so now is as good a time as any to buy new apps. The AppSanta promotion offers discounts for 15 apps, including Tweetbot, the best Twitter app for iOS; Clear, the simplest to-do list app for iOS; and Vesper, a iOS7-friendly note-taking app. Here’s a list and download links for the other apps involved. Read More »

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World of Cheese HD offers players hours of puzzle solving fun for Free. The game has puzzles based on a huge mouse named Mr. Mousey; original, hay?  Players must help Mr. Mousey find cheese throughout the house, so puzzles must be solved in order to get to the reward. Some of the puzzles require a great deal of thinking in order to complete, so there are both simple and challenging options. Think before tapping the screen because the fewer times you tap the screen, the better you will do.

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Classting is more than a brilliant productivity app for students and teachers; it may well represent a paradigm shift in how educators, students, and their parents communicate in and out of the classroom. It’s a collaboration and social media platform designed to streamline classroom communication and connect students, instructors, and parents in the same class and around the world.

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SnapStory is a free application developed by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd. that someone can use to add text and skins to photos.

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When you need to hire someone, whether to edit an audio file or design graphics for a low price, Craigslist is one of the most common places to go. If you really want to pinch pennies and find someone to do the job for the lowest price possible, you should try out Fiverr, a free service that pairs potential customers with potential service providers willing to do the job for as little as $5 or more. You can even do it from your phone with the just launched Fiverr iPhone app. Read More »

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Apple has posted some Black Friday deals related to iPads and accessories, but if you're in the mood to fill those devices with new apps as soon as they arrive, you might want to take a look at this list of apps that are on sale as part of an effort to kick off the holiday shopping season. This list (after the break) comes courtesy of

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