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In the late 50’s, the Stardust Casino and Resort was one of the most iconic casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.  Almost six decades later, the Stardust Casino and Resort's physical structure may be gone, but long live the memories it has created.  It’s well known for the many high roller players it attracted on a frequent basis. One of the games Stardust was most known for was its slots games. Now we can bring this era back by playing these same kind of games online at More »

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Last week I wrote about SwiftKey Note, an app that would showcase Android's best keyboard on iOS. Unfortunately, you cannot have a system-wide replacement keyboard on iOS, but within the app, you can see how a combination of smart auto-correction and next word suggestion can accelerate the typing experience. SwiftKey Note is available now so you can try it for yourself. Read More »

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Frequently accurate leak source "evleaks" has posted images of an iPhone running SwiftKey Note for iOS. The app reportedly shows that SwitfKey, the best keyboard available on Android or any other smartphone operating system, may be coming to iOS. Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s coming in a very limited fashion.

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OLX Free App for iOS and Android devices offers users a simple fast way to buy and sell items online using only their smartphone. The application is very simple to navigate due to being divided into different sections for buying and selling different items. Once users have an account, OLX will determine their location through GPS and find any items in their surrounding area that's available to buy. However, if you are searching for an item in a different area the location can be entered manually, and this free app is just as useful for selling items.  Read More »

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Starbucks has admitted that it stores user names and passwords in plain text for its iPhone app, and says that it has no plans to change that. A security researcher discovered that the Starbucks app keeps usernames, emails, and passwords without any encryption or protection to secure user data, which allows anyone with access to the phone to discover login information. When asked why, Starbucks merely says "We're aware" and assures people asking question that it has extra security. Is that enough? Read More »

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Google has brought its movies and television streaming app, appropriately named Google Play Movies & TV, to iOS. The iPhone and iPad app now makes it possible to watch streaming video from Google's catalog, but there are a few caveats to those efforts. Read More »

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The year of 2013 has flown by and we're now in 2014, so it's time to update our  list for the best iPhone poker apps for the year. The following  selection contains The Top 5 Free poker apps for iPhone. We hope you can enjoy! If you want to look at the list of poker websites that have iPhone apps have a look at the article written by Tim Glock from Poker Online. Read More »

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Microsoft's music streaming service, Xbox Music, has added the ability to download songs so they can be streamed offline. Microsoft has supported offline playback on its Windows Phone operating system, but the Android and iPhone apps released last year required that users stayed connected to the internet in order to enjoy their music. That changes today. Read More »

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