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When you need to hire someone, whether to edit an audio file or design graphics for a low price, Craigslist is one of the most common places to go. If you really want to pinch pennies and find someone to do the job for the lowest price possible, you should try out Fiverr, a free service that pairs potential customers with potential service providers willing to do the job for as little as $5 or more. You can even do it from your phone with the just launched Fiverr iPhone app. Read More »

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The Apple iPhone default alarm sounds may be too soft or jarring depending on what it takes to get you out of bed comfortably. iPhone owners who like to wake up to the sound of music now have a Pandora for iOS app with an alarm clock function. Here’s how to set up an alarm for your favorite Pandora station. Read More »

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Zooper is a new match 3 game from Mango Factory that’s been wooing mobile gamers since its recent launch. Perhaps no other casual gaming genre has made the switch to touch-screen mobile gaming as seamlessly as match 3 games. This classic game theme has survived every type of platform and console evolution, and now, match 3 games still thrive in the iTunes App Store. So it’s little wonder that developers continue to come up with new match-3 titles, but how many more twists on this old theme could there be?

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CoachGuitar is an iOS application which users can download for free to learn guitar.  Users can choose from four different songs for free.  Other songs can be downloaded for a reasonable price of $3.99.  The library currently has over 60 song titles and growing daily.  Each song has video demonstrations broken down into short learning videos, along with tablature and finger placement on screen.  Save hundreds of dollarts in lesson fees for guitar lessons. Read More »

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Stop Motion Animation Maker Pro by Edumotion is a nifty little application that gives users the ability to create their own stop motion animated films. Stop motion cinema has been around for a very long time, but the means to create it have never been as simple, convenient or widely accessible as this app makes them.

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Developer MadFinger Games has released another action-packed game for iOS game lovers. ShadowGun DeadZone offers users hours of multiplayer online gaming fun. Users may choose to watch others play or dive into the action themselves. Personally, I thought the Spectate option was a great way to learn how to play the game by watching others.

Watch the video review below for a look inside of ShadowGun DeadZone. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

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Are you a tower defense game lover? If so you want to check out Kill Devils by Sun Ground Co available in the App Store.


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Vitusoft’s new App Store launch is a street-wise pitching-and-hitting centric freestyle baseball game that aims to woo fans with edgy tastes and an inclination for sports.  While your image of the typical baseball player might include a beer belly barely restrained by a vertically striped uniform, Wannabat is having none of it.  This attitude-driven, stylish app applies a grittier aesthetic and innovative game mechanics to that will certainly satisfy sports fanatics and may lure other gamers into an unfamiliar genre.

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