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The ultimate Zombie experience on the iPhone/iPod Touch returns with Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II. Featuring new weapons, new characters, and new traps set deep within a zombie-filled Swamp, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II is the pre-eminent online co-op experience for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • The Zombie Swamp is a hauntingly beautiful, massive new environment filled with terrifying zombies, weapons, and zombie traps.
  • New weapons featuring the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Fry hordes of zombies with a single blast from this shockingly powerful new weapon.
  • Survive the Hellhounds! Ferocious and fast, the Hellhounds will test your reflexes and your team’s ability to work together.
  • The online 4-player co-op action you've come to expect returns with even more intensity
  • New playable characters! Play as Tank Dempsey (US), Takeo Masaki (Japan), Nikolai Belinski (USSR), and the infamous Dr. Edward Richtofen (Germany).
  • New Zombie traps including the Flogger for massive Zombie destruction and the Zipline for quick getaways.
  • 20 Brand new Achievements for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II

Name: Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies 2 | Download from: App Store | Price: 10$

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iPhone app: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2

This sequel to the popular, CRASH BANDICOOT NITRO KART 3D combines the same zany gameplay with a new adventure and multiplayer action. Fans can race as Crash or one of nine other characters on 12 unique tracks for a wild ride as they gather power-ups and a multitude of weapons to slow down opponents. Friends can also challenge each other in the all new multiplayer mode. Four players can race against each other, over the internet, in three different modes.

Name: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 | Download from: App Store | Price: 10$

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Hands on with WiFi Sync for iPhone

Preview of the WiFi Sync app for the iPhone, $9.99 on the Cydia app store.

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WiFi Sync for iPhone: Syncing music tracks with no USB cable

WiFi Sync for iPhone and iPod Touch enables seamless wireless syncing with iTunes, as seen on YouTube and tech blogs across the web. Run the app on your phone, and it'll appear in iTunes' list of connected devices. From there you can sync music, apps, photos, contacts and everything else just as if it were plugged in via USB. The app is currently compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, and a Windows version will be available shortly. Download the free Mac software (required) from

This app is not supported on the iPad.

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iPhone app: Iron Man 2   Gameplay video

Suit up and rocket into the action as Iron Man or War Machine in the official movie game on iPhone/iPod touch.

Play as Iron Man for speed and agility or suit up as War Machine for maximum firepower. Both suits offer easy-to-learn controls and the ability to run, hover and fly at will. Youll also have the chance to jump into the Mark IV, Mark VI, Stealth and underwater suits. Whether you prefer to pound your foes in melee combat with your fists or to lay down the destruction from a far with your weapons, you can upgrade your suit after each stage with improved weaponry and abilities to devastate your foes.

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iPad app: Need for Speed Shift   Review

Need for Speed Shift - Experience the most visceral and aggressive simulation racing game ever seen on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad. Video review after the break...

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iPhone app: SlingPlayer Mobile now supports 3G streaming

Watch and control your home TV and DVR on your iPhone or iPod touch! When connected over 3G or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO, PRO, or PRO-HD (Slingboxes sold separately), the award winning SlingPlayer Mobile software will play anything you can see on your TV at home on your iPhone or iPod touch. Now you can change channels, control your DVR and watch your favorite shows right on your phone. View and control video sources such as:

  • Cable set-top box and DVR
  • Satellite set-top box and DVR
  • Telco / IPTV set-top box and DVR
  • Basic cable
  • Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox PRO-HD only)
  • Tivo
  • Apple TV
  • Home security cameras

Name: SlingPlayer Mobile |  Download fromApp Store Price: 30$

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iRealSMS 3.0.1 Update Available Now in Cydia Store

Do you love your iPhone but hate the limited Messages app? Frustrated with missing basic functions that are available on most other cell phones? iRealSMS 3.0 fills the gap with Folders, Drafts, etc., and then comes with features such as QuickReply, QuickSend, Contact Pics, Smileys, Templates, Search Feature, Forward via Mail, Privacy Settings, Password Lock, Character Counter & much more! Use it as a FULL Messages app replacement or just take advantage of the QuickReply & QuickSend.

Changelog 3.0.1:

  • fix - Templates / drafts bug caused by iPhoneDelivery conflict.
  • fix - QuickReply when touching area between keyboard and QuickReply popup, sometimes resulting in unintentional hiding of keyboard.
  • new - QuickReply keyboard toggle for more intuitive functionality (now you can also tap the REPLY on the QuickReply to toggle the keyboard/textfield).
  • new - Camera function in quickreply / quicksend (only portrait support for now).
  • new - QuickReply / QuickSend now supports insertion of video mms from camera roll/albums.
  • new - Button graphics updated.
  • new - Insert options added to in-app camera / smiley menu (for faster access).
  • new - Lockscreen feature, can now slide to unlock with QuickReply onscreen.
  • new - Hidden in-app ui toolbar: activate in settings and tap the top/header bar in Conversations or Folders menu to toggle hide/unhide.
  • new - Improved caching of contact pics.
  • new - In app bulletin system - (purpose: it will alert you upon launch if any new betas or releases are available in cydia).

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