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NBA JAM is now ready to rock your iPhone or iPod touch with all the over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball action just like you remember it – and like you’ve never seen before! So go to the hole. Go strong. Go for the monster jam.

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iHound uses a combination of the significant location GPS, real time GPS and WIFI signals built into your iDevices to determine its location. Using the app and iHound Software's unique tracking website, you can:

  • Track the location of your device: The iHound App reports your location to iHound's servers every time the device makes a significant location change.
  • Sound the alarm: Send your iPhone or iPod Touch a push notification with a loud alarm, whether you've lost it at the coffee shop or under your sofa.
  • Set up Geofencing Location Alerts: Receive alerts and check in automatically with Facebook, Foursquare, and/or Twitter when you arrive, simple to use and completely opt in.
  • Manage your account using iHound's Mobile Web Site: Using our intuitive mobile web site optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Users, you can track multiple devices on multiple platforms and set up geofences with ease while you are on the go.

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The official Jenga game is here! Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the original creator of Jenga, Jenga for iPhone/iPod touch lets you take the tower building experience anywhere.

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Fans of Harry Potter and Lego unite, Harry Potter the game, has arrived on the iPhone.  The game covers years 1-4. The game graphics are gorgeous and picturesque and the game play has an interesting story mode as one of the play options.

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3G Unrestrictor has been updated to work with iPhone 4 and firmware 4.x. You know what this means! FaceTime calls anywhere! It really works better on 3G than it does on EDGE but it does work. Once installed you can just open the app and select apps you'd like to fake out. This makes them think your phone is on Wifi instead of 3G or EDGE. Other apps that this can help with instead of FaceTime are the App Store, which won't let you download apps over 20MB. This goes for videos in iTunes too. Although Skype recently announced the use of Skype over 3G, you can avoid additional costs if they ever do decide to charge for it. Another place this will help is when videos download over 3G they are compressed more which makes them more blurry. With 3G Unrestrictor, YouTube thinks it's on Wifi and will download the full resolution version.

Name: 3G Unrestrictor | Download from: Cydia | Price: 4$


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Three mighty heroes, a powerful Fighter, a female Amazon, and a mighty Dwarf have a score to settle with the evil Death Adder who has captured the King and his daughter, and holds them captive in their castle. Choose your hero in this classic action game, as you fight through Adder's henchman as you battle through dark castles, on the back of a giant turtle, and even on the wings of an enchanted eagle with weapon & magic; and even ride the fearsome, fire-breathing beasts.

  • Choose from any three different classes of heroes!
  • Unique Magic attacks for each character
  • Includes 2 more levels than the arcade version.

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Hockey Nations 2010 is a full arcade simulation of the sport featuring 14 national teams from around the World. Hockey Nations is the first full scale 6 on 6 Hockey game for the iPhone & iPod Touch.


  • Go for Gold – can you win gold?
  • World League – play all other teams, see who comes out on top.
  • Exhibition – choose two teams and get started right away.
  • Shoot-out – one on one with the keeper.
  • Practice – spend some time learning the controls.

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The award-winning My-Cast app delivers comprehensive yet intuitive weather information specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Un-cluttered base maps display animated radar, clouds and StormWatch severe weather alerts allowing effortless interpretation of how the weather affects your day. As you check out the current weather, you may see drifting clouds or falling rain as My-Cast's distinctive weather themes come to life. Whether you are interested in weather for today, tomorrow or next week, My-Cast has you covered. When severe weather strikes, My-Cast transmits the latest alerts direct from the National Weather Service.


  • Real-time, animated radar
  • Weather Map with conditions, temperatures, dew points, wind direction and wind speed overlays
  • Animated Visible and Infrared Clouds
  • Interactive StormWatch map with National Weather Service alerts
  • Complete severe weather warnings, watches, and advisory alert text
  • 7-day forecast with high/low temperatures and chance of precipitation
  • Hourly forecast with temps, wind speed/direction and chance of precipitation
  • Forecast graph including past, present and forecast wind, dew point, temperature, and sky conditions
  • Save your favorite and recently viewed locations for anywhere in the U.S.
  • Shake for live data refresh
  • One-button push for GPS positioning
  • No ads!

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