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This tweak adds a 3D "cube" effect to your icon pages, similar to Compiz on Linux. In the tweak's settings, you can customize the effect to have the icons appear as if you're either inside or outside of the cube. iOS 3.x support is in beta. All modes have been tested and work on a 3.1.3 first generation device. There is some slight lag on some modes because of the slower device speeds, but it still works. Configure options from your Settings app. No new icons will be added to your home screen. Need help jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch? Then check out these guides.

Changelog v 1.5.5-2:

  • Added new mode: Page Zoom

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As one of three heroes who vanquished Death Adder years earlier, take on the forces of evil on a perilous journey to recover the Golden Axe. The legendary Golden Axe has fallen into Dark Guld’s hands and he now threatens the world with his new found powers and wicked army. Take up arms and sorcery as an axe-wielding dwarf, a mighty barbarian or a fierce Amazon in your quest to save the land from darkness.

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Another update is out with awesome new features, and there is more to come VERY SOON. Keep living the Death Rally!

New features:

  • arrow-steering control scheme: you requested it, and we delivered
  • new car paint jobs: vagabond, dervish and deliverator!
  • left-handed controls: finally on equal footing with the righties!

New challenges:

  • shotguns, gatlings, snipers & strikers: what could possibly go wrong?!

Name: Death Rally| Download from: App Store | Price: 3$

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They nuked the world, you race the remains! Feel the devastation of a nuclear apocalypse and enjoy hours of fast-paced racing unrivalled on the iOS platform! Slide your vehicle around amazing dusty and icy wastelands, drive on dam walls, jump across ruined bridges and swerve on uneven grounds. What a leap from the industry-standard flat-surfaced routine that has plagued the mobile racing games for so long!

The custom proprietary game-engine developed by Xpect Games revolutionizes the way racing games are done on mobile platforms. Experience unique full 3D motion physics supporting active 4 wheel suspensions. A highly optimized graphics engine allows rendering of copious geometry amounts never seen before on a mobile platform

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Adam, the city’s original hero, has been kidnapped and it’s up to Skate, Axel, Blaze, and Max to save him. The city is overrun with hardened thugs and criminals, but armed with your amazing fighting abilities, you’ll be well equipped to take down these villains and save Adam and the rest of your city!

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Epic War is a sci-fi tower defense game that stands out from the crowd. With unique enemies and a beautiful art style you’re sure to get hours of enjoyment.

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Whats new in Infinity Blade: The Deathless Kings:

  • Descend into the dreaded dungeons, and unlock the God King's darkest secret...
  • More than 10 new Enemies to defeat - the Wood Jester, the Iron Guard, the Plated Sorok, the Warden, and more!
  • Finish the game and then continue to build your character with NewGame+! Re-master any item! Unlock new items in the store! How high can you climb?
  • More than 30 all-new magic rings, swords, shields, helmets, and armor! Collect and Master them all!
  • Multiple Character slots, new Achievements, more Leaderboards, dodge button size slider, and audio volume controls!
  • Gameplay enhancements and optimizations

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Biofenzy HD is a fast-paced side scrolling action game optimized for iPhone 4 and iPad. To fight against those bio-infected monsters, now your abilities promoted! In Biofenzy, you will be able to shoot with 4 weapons at the same time, and an amazing adrenaline which makes your game experience incredible - the power to control the time!

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