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The E.D.F (Earth Defense Force) is recruiting some skilled pilots. Are you one of them? Travel back to the 90’s with Earth Defense Force, one great horizontal shooter arcade game! Transform your iPhone in a coin-op machine and play this classic with a gameplay totally adapted to this platform.  The alien Azyma Empire, threatens to destroy the Earth with the Orbital Buster, a large computerized space satellite. The Earth's only hope lies in the recently developed XA-1 spaceships held under the organization known as E.D.F: Earth Defense Force. You are the pilot in command!

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Flickr HD is an application for the iPad where you can view your flickr photos with a click of a button. The photos can also change instantly and automatically when the minute changes. The application is fully supported by devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone. The elegant design of the application makes your photos appear brighter.

The application is able to display a new photo from your flickr album every minute. Since the application makes use of the public photostreams you don’t have to enter your password. The application is safe and secure as it will not show private images.

The Instaswitch feature ensures that the photos change immediately at the turn of the minute. You can use it with other people’s public flickr photostreams as well. The application works with pro and free versions of flickr accounts. You can choose between high quality photo display as well as non HD quality.

Name: Flickr HD | Download from: App Store | Price: 2$

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Part endless survival, part castle defense, and part RPG, Bug Heroes is a new blend of action and adventure unlike anything in the App Store! Master three heroes, including a fast and deadly Spider assassin, a heavily armored Beetle, and a machine gun wielding Ant engineer. Build turrets to defend your food stash, explore vast landscapes, scour the environments for food, face off against a variety of enemies, complete side quests, and more!


  • Control three heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, equipment, and personalities. Instantly switch between them at any time, and lay waste to over 25 enemy types, ranging from tiny fleas to giant snails.
  • Level-up your heroes, increase their skills, and equip them from a list of more than 30 abilities and equipment. Set traps with proximity mines or spider webs, equip special items such as a huge wrench or can-lid shield, and use abilities to slow down time or stampede through enemies.
  • Castle defense elements -- Defend your food stash from hordes of hungry bugs! Build from seven turret types to help you survive, including machine guns, laser pointers, firecrackers, magnifying glasses, and more.
  • Diverse game play -- Explore several unique and vast levels. Gather food to stockpile at your food stash. Accept or decline optional side quests. Focus on strong heroes, strong defenses, or a balance between the two. Spend time leveling up one hero or split the experience between all three. Play how you want!
  • Multiple profiles and game saves, tons of achievements, and online leaderboards for massive replayability!
  • Supports old and new devices, including the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2g, and all the latest devices. Enjoy crisp retina graphics on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g!

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The truth is now available in your iPhone and iPad. The WikiLeaks app gives instant access to the world’s most documented leakage of top secret memos and other confidential government documents. The Wikileaks app reflects old and recent cable updates, WikiLeaks Tweets and the WikiLeaks Website completely formatted for iPhone and iPad.  The sleek, intuitive design interface is signicantly upgraded over the traditional Wikileaks Pages to ensure ease-of-use Because of its intelligent platform, the app will continue to feed content regardless of server disruptions.

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Mail Rules for jailbroken iPhones is an extension that can apply rules to new mail as it arrives. It is accessed via the "Rules..." page in Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings.

Supports matching on the following criteria:

  • - Account
  • - Headers
  • - Recipient
  • - Sender
  • - Subject

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The Plugged In app for jailbroken iPhones adds a preference to Settings that lets you launch an app when power is plugged in. It also unlocks the phone if you have no pin code set. Great to make nightstand apps launch automatically such as "Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock" or use to run "Weather HD" when you dock your iPad. No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app. Need help jailbreaking your phone? These guides and tutorials will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

Name: Plugged In| Download from: Cydia | Price: 2$

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What's a dream clock? Maybe it's a nice lady drawing the arrows for you manually every minute? That's what you could watch for hours, isn't it?

What's a dream Christmas clock?  Well, that's exactly what this clock is about. She will draw the clock manually on a whiteboard, redrawing the arrow every minute for you. The application downloads the videos from the internet and stores them locally, so in an hour all videos will be downloaded for you, and the app will be able to function without a need for network access

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The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges! DataMan monitors and manages your data usage in real time, closely tracking your data activities every 10 minutes. No other apps come close to DataMan for its precision. Plus, receive alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. The technologies and features in DataMan help you make smarter decisions to manage consumption and save money.

  • Precisely track your daily, weekly and monthly data usage for cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) and Wi-Fi. You can view your usage across different days, even drilling down to see the hourly details.
  • Get alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. Let the world's most advanced real time data usage manager help you stop overage charges.
  • Geotag your data activities and view them on a map. You can zoom in on the map to see the time and usage for certain places. Very useful when you travel and roam.
  • 4 levels of usage thresholds and 3 data allowances (daily, weekly and monthly) for you to customize to suit your data plan.
  • Works all over the world with all carriers. No login is required to your carrier's website.
  • Easy setup. Set your bill start date and data allowance, and you're done. DataMan is now monitoring your usage in the background.

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