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Your goal is to survive in labyrinths full of aggressive armed balls. The game is perfect for those who like shoot-and-run games. You will love the simplicity of the game and catch on to the levels and action very quickly.

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Get ready for an innovative gaming experience, super-fast, psychedelic, get ready for Hyperlight! In this game, tons of evil cosmic beings will chase you, but in an instant you will be able to torn them to pieces at the speed of light!

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In this tug-of-war, casual defense game based on the classic movie, you play Ash, the time-traveling, evil-fighting, S-Mart sales clerk as you defend Lord Arthur's castle and the Necronomicon from the oncoming hordes of evil undead. Of course, you can't do it alone! Call upon multitudes of allies including Lord Arthur, Duke Henry the Red, the Wiseman, and many more to help you in your quest to defend the unholy book and use it to return to your own time. ARMY OF DARKNESS: DEFENSE takes the witty charm of the cult classic movie and combines it with gorgeous graphics and innovative casual gameplay that is certain to entertain any mobile gamer. So, remember the magic words and make sure your shoelace is tied, because this is going to be an epic battle!

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Siege Hero is a captivating puzzle game with terrific cartoon art, lovable characters, and life-like physics. Take the role of a Siege Commander as you destroy the opposition, save innocent peasants and set kingdoms Free.  Tear down the 63 castles across three different and unique Ages. If you're good enough to earn Gold on each castle you'll unlock an additional 10 more looting levels in the Treasure Map. (Over 5-hours of gameplay with much more to come)

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Get alerted when your device is fully charged! Full Charge Alert is a simple tweak that allows your device to notify you when your battery is at its max so you know right when you can stop charging and play with your device. There is NO icon added to your homescreen, as all the settings will be available from your native Settings application. Please check out the screenshots below! Need help jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch? Then check out these guides.

Features Include:

  • Easy to use settings integrated into your standard Settings app
  • Option to turn tweak on/off
  • Option to show an alert view when alerted saying your battery is full
  • Option to have device vibrate when battery is full
  • Choose from over 40 system sounds to play when your battery is full (More coming soon, available to download in packs)

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Addictive gameplay, rescue your alliance members and destroy all enemies!


  • - 5 amazing selectable missions to explore across varied environments: city, snowfield, sea, secret bases, tunnels and more!
  • - Unique gameplay mixing rescue and combat that test your dexterity.
  • - Fast-paced action, intense combat and 3 difficulty levels to keep you constantly challenged.
  • - Local and Game Center leader-board and 100 challenging achievements.
  • - Original sound track and dynamic sound effects.
  • - Choice between Accelerometer and Relative touch controls that let you steer and target enemies like a real pilot.
  • - Gigantic boss fights and memorable moments with immersive 3D animations.

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Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.

Snake 97 features:

  • - old school controls
  • - original sounds
  • - 9 original and 1 extra difficulty level
  • - a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)
  • - green LEDs backlights
  • - (optional)international leaderboard using Game Center

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Big Bang Theory is a very fun app for fan. The app contains:

  • - Personal information about the characters.
  • - A lot of sounds like "Bazinga!".
  • - Penny's door to knock like Sheldon.
  • - Some Sheldon's quote.
  • - The game rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock to play with your friends.
  • - HD for Retina display

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