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Whatever you want to do... There's an app for that. That's right. Whether you want to buy movie tickets, read the news, write a review, pay a tip, catch a taxi, or even train your dog, there's an app for that. But what if you want to hang a photo on the fridge? Or leave a note on the microwave? Or save that Chinese take-out menu in a place where you can't lose it? When it came to certain old-school tasks, the apps were coming up short. A little reverse innovation was needed. Well, good news, everyone... Now there's an app for that, too.

Introducing the App Magnets by the Jailbreak Collective! In order to bring the magic of the iPhone into the third dimension, we asked an artist to reach into the iPhone home screen and literally pluck out the apps. Then we added a little magnetism. And best of all, we mass produced them so now you too can own your very own set of 3-D App Magnets!


  • Outer cardboard packaging is 9.5" x 5"
  • 18 individual epoxy magnets each measuring 7/8" x 7/8"
  • This product is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. or the iPhone. It is simply a product made by fans for others fans.

Price 13$

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This is one good looking case for the iPhone! The SGP Gariz is made with Wood Black Hard Case designed for the iPhone 3G/3GS. The case is 100% hand-made and it comes together with Front Protection Film and Logo Protection Film. Price 27$.

You can find a few more images after the break...

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Laybags offer your iPhone the ultimate in comfort.  Rest your Laybag on any suitable surface, car dashboard, work desk, laptop, your leg etc to make the perfect place for your iPhone or other mobile device.  It is easy to carry one with you and have it always available for use at college, university, on the train or other places of frequent travel,  stop, rest and play.

"put your mobile media device into perspective"

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The POWER A Universal Remote Case is a protective iPhone case that also turns your iPhone into a full featured IR universal remote.

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This is a review of the Simplism Emergency battery for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy!


  • Battery charger for iPod/iPhone
  • Works with easy to get 3 AAA batteries
  • Works with iPod/iPhone models that feature dock connector
  • Charges from zero battery capacity
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Protective cap for dock connector included
  • Colors available in basic black and white
  • "Made for iPod", "Works with iPhone" approved product

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Silverware iPhone Stand - An idea that needed to happen. A companion on your bedside table, desk, table, counter, or wherever you store and charge your cell phone. This silverware dude is fitted to hold an iPhone, but can also hold various phones, iPods, music players, and all sorts of handheld tech gear. Price 20$. Buy it from here

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iPhone TouchLamp - It's a LED lamp controlled by your iPhone. You can choose the intensity and to decide the color and simultaneously charges your iPhone. Note that this is only a concept video!

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My buddy Peter from our Swedish iPhone Blog "" quickly unboxes the iPhone Ekstern 1900mAh battery case. Head over to this post to view the unboxing video and the photo gallery.

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