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Some days before the launch of the new iPad, Apple is saying that during this year they expect to sell more than 60 million iPads.  Add that to the already 55 million sold to date and the total since April 2010 when the tablet was first launched they have sold more than 100 million of them.

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With the announcement of the iPad3 only days away, the first look of what the final product will look like is becoming clearer.  An incredibly detailed video and photos of the iPad3 chassis have been made available.  Check it out after the break.

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DigiTimes is reporting that along with the March 7 announcement of the iPad 3, Apple intends to announce an 8GB version of their iPad2.

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Although the “iPad” name was first registered by the Taiwanese affiliate of Proview Technology in China during 2000 (long before Apple developed their tablet); on Wednesday a Shanghai court has thrown out a civil case against Apple, citing "a lack of evidence that... the sales of the 'iPad' tablet computer constitutes a trademark violation." said the Pudong district court.

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One of the biggest and most expected events in the coming  months is the launch of the new iPad which most news outlets have been speculating about for months now.

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The next iteration of Apple's popular device is now speculated to be announced for a March 7, 2012 announcement.  Read more.

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Proview Electronics, a China based company, is suing Apple for use of the iPad name in China.  Apparently, Apple originally bought the rights to use the name iPad, but not for China.

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