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Apple released their new iOS app iPhoto and announced that they were updating their iWork & iLife iOS apps for the new high resolution iPad. The problem is that they only work with iOS 5.1. and if you’re on an older firmware version you will not be able to update or download any of these apps. We all know that iOS 5.1 can currently only be jailbroken tethered on A4 devices while the A5 devices can’t be jailbroken at all. This video tutorial shows you how to bypass the iOS 5.1 restriction for installing iPhoto and the latest iMovie update on your jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 devices.

Check the video tutorial after the break:

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Analysts are predicting that Retina display manufacturer, Sharp, will experience some issues meeting the potential demand for the new iPad.

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It looks like the new iPad will cost more to manufacture than the iPad2.  With the price remaining the same, the Cupertino company will be making less of each sale of the newly announced device.

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Take a look at this quick video outlining the differences between the previous generation iPad and the new iPad announced earlier today.  Thanks to for the video.

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All the attention about Apple's new iPad revolved mainly around the new high resolution screen.  Here we see a quick demonstration of how it looks.

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Today Apple announced the new iPad.  No, not the iPad3 or even the iPadHD, simply new iPad.  As you can see in the image, much of the focus with the new device comes in the new Retina display running on an A5X processor.

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We'll be bringing you the latest news from Apples big announcement today.  Check out the next page for full details.  We will be updating the page as the event happens.

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The portal CNET has announced today that the new iPad may not be called iPad3 at all.   They are reporting that it will be dubbed the iPad HD.  Apple will break with the expected naming convention by looking for the innovation and to raise the expectations.

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