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Vietnamese site (known for its reliable leaks before) got their hands on the new, redesigned earphones for the next generation of Apple products.

Check the video and the gallery after the break.

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Wicked audio have been making some very nice quality audio gear for a while now. However, they haven't tried to compete with a DJ style headset until now. Wicked Audio have officially thrown their hat in the ring by making the Solus Audio Revolt.

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Zagg makes the best products on the market for smartphones and more including Apple iOS products. A couple of my favorites are the ZaggFolio and Solo Keys keyboard. These two work together to bring  great protection and a bluetooth keyboard for typing those longer documents.

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Meelectronic Air-Fi Bluetooth headphones offer excellent sound quality. They offer a Bluetooth connection as well as a 3.5 mm jack for a wired connection.

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The iW2 is the younger brother of the iW1 iHome. The major difference between the two speakers is the rechargeable battery and a hundred bucks. So needless to say, there is a difference.

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The BWeasel iPad stand is an iPad stand for users who want to keep the sleek design visible. The Bweasel is designed to slide over the iPad snuggly. It can be used in both landscape or portrait position. As well as many different viewing angles for for all different types of activities.

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The Blue Yeti Pro is one awesome mic. Not only does it offer stylish looks but the sound quality is second to none. The yeti pro offers users a couple different ways to use it. It comes with XLR cables or USB for connections. However you choose to connect the Yeti Pro will deliver professional sound.

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The iPad 2 is built of quite sturdy material but as with any piece of technology, a little extra help goes a long way in maintaining its ability. Read More »

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