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There was a time when Apple worked closely with Google on its iOS devices and included Google Maps and YouTube as default apps on the iPhone and iPad. Read More »

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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are currently showing Android and any device on the market you can think of how it’s done. The numbers are dazzling, but perhaps the most impressive is how quickly people are embracing iOS 8, the latest version of Cupertino’s mobile platform. Apple is certainly destroying the myth that Android is becoming less fragmented, and here’s how. Read More »

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Master of Craft has arrived in iOS, and if this reviewer is any judge, it’ll be the next most addictive social sim of the summer.  Adorable medieval/fantasy style characters trot around a 3D town that the player is building and maintaining via their weaponsmithing business.  The little frontier town is in desperate need of industry and protection from monsters, so what better place for a blacksmith to set up shop and build a tiny empire?

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iOS 7 90 adoption
Apple has revealed today that 90% of all users of its mobile devices have updated to iOS 7, adoption levels that put rival Android to shame. We hear so often how Android is catching Apple in terms of how many people adopt a new version, but the difference really is staggering and no matter what recent gains Android has made this is still an embarrassing subject for the platform. Read More »

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While many iPhone and iPad users were excited by much of what Apple introduced at last week's Worldwide Developer Conference, others still wondered why Apple didn't address what's arguably its greatest weakness - Maps. The problem may be because poor management and infighting caused delays that prevented Apple from finishing iOS 8 in time for WWDC. Read More »

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Apple's Safari browser has picked up a new trick in the latest version of iOS 8 that can save users from having to manually key in their credit card information. When making a payment online, say for Amazon or NewEgg, the browser can take a picture of the credit card and then automatically enter the numbers into the corresponding fields. Read More »

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6 Android beating iOS 8 features

Which mobile platform is best? It is THE debate amongst mobile tech freaks, with Google's Android and Apple's iOS the contenders for the title. Oh, but now we also have a strong Windows Phone from Microsoft, making the fan boys decision even harder. When you love one platform over another it is very hard to praise a rival, for example if you love iOS you are unlikely to find very much that is appealing on Android. Read More »

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iPhone Home Button

Apple's WWDC 2014 was pretty uneventful considering it is comfortably the most watched and scrutinized developer conference in the world. There has been little backlash against Cupertino, something that regular WWDC viewers will know has been a common occurrence. Typically after the event, there are more discussions on what Apple hasn't done compared to what it has, but this year is different. Read More »

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