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iOS 8

So, as we expected, there were no major surprises at Apple's WWDC keynote speech today. There were no new products and not even a hint of them. A low key developer conference is accepted for most companies, but not for Apple, with WWDC likely to have analysts predicting doom and gloom for the brand. However, this event is not about product, but software, so with iOS 8 now out in the wild, you may be wondering if it will be coming to your Apple device. Read More »

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iOS 8 will introduce alternative keyboards

Apple iOS has been under the tight control of its creator, locking iPhone and iPad users to default elements of the software. On the same day that Apple announced that it would update the iOS 8 keyboard to include predictive text, Apple also revealed that users will have more freedom, including the freedom to use an iPhone replacement keyboard. Read More »

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Apple announces Siri will get limited hands free voice prompting and Shazam integration

Apple today announced iOS 8 with a number of new features, including some that we predicted and others that were not expected. One of those big changes was an improvement to Siri. Apple has announced that Siri will see an improvement in iOS 8 that allows for hands-free voice prompting when in the car. Read More »

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Latest iPhone 6 Comparison To iPhone 5S Leaked Photos

We have shared several mockup videos and leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 is being compared to the iPhone 5S in the photos in the video here.  It's quite obvious the iPhone 6 display is much larger than the iPhone 5S.  Just last week we shared two separate videos of leaked photos.  This seems to be one of the hottest topics at this time.  Although, we can see features such as button placements and size of the iPhone 6 physically. Read More »

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Siri may be coming to Apple TV

"Siri, open HBO Go." You can already tell Apple's voice assistant to launch apps from an iPhone or iPad, and that same feature, along with other capabilities of Siri, will be possible with an Apple TV. Read More »

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Hyundai Sonata will get CarPlay in 2015 lineup

When the next model of the Hyundai Sonata goes on sale later this year, buyers will be able to connect their iPhones to the car's in-dash entertainment and information console thanks to the inclusion of Apple CarPlay. At the New York International Auto Show, Honda confirmed that that the 2015 Sonata will have CarPlay integrated into its touchscreen system. Read More »

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10 Tips To Improve Battery Power on The iPhone and iPad

Need More Battery Power???  We all have run short of battery power at some time during a long work day I'm sure. The iPhone hasn't the best device for saving battery power in recen times; however, with a few good tips we can guarantee you will get the most from your battery.  Check out some of the specs below: Read More »

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TSN Go for iOS offers live streaming video on iPhone and iPad TSN Go for iOS offers live streaming video on iPhone and iPad

Canada's biggest sports network is finally making its way to smaller screens with the launch of TSN GO. The new app makes it possible to get on-demand access to full shows and live streaming of programming on TSN and TSN 2. A subscription to TSN is required to use the app, and only Bell TV and Rogers customers currently participate, but more companies are expected to sign on in "the coming weeks."

Here's a list of some of the types of broadcasts available in TSN GO: Read More »

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