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Master of Craft has arrived in iOS, and if this reviewer is any judge, it’ll be the next most addictive social sim of the summer.  Adorable medieval/fantasy style characters trot around a 3D town that the player is building and maintaining via their weaponsmithing business.  The little frontier town is in desperate need of industry and protection from monsters, so what better place for a blacksmith to set up shop and build a tiny empire?

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South Korean company, Actoz Soft has just released an exciting new game called "In a Space" for Canadian iOS gamers. This game features top-down exciting game play which many hardcore gamers can easily pick up and plan. Players will be thrust onto planets inhabited with monsters ready to destroy you at moment's notice.

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Classting is more than a brilliant productivity app for students and teachers; it may well represent a paradigm shift in how educators, students, and their parents communicate in and out of the classroom. It’s a collaboration and social media platform designed to streamline classroom communication and connect students, instructors, and parents in the same class and around the world.

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Zooper is a new match 3 game from Mango Factory that’s been wooing mobile gamers since its recent launch. Perhaps no other casual gaming genre has made the switch to touch-screen mobile gaming as seamlessly as match 3 games. This classic game theme has survived every type of platform and console evolution, and now, match 3 games still thrive in the iTunes App Store. So it’s little wonder that developers continue to come up with new match-3 titles, but how many more twists on this old theme could there be?

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DragonSlayers is an incredibly detailed, three dimensional action RPG adventure newly launched in the iTunes App Store.  Players choose one of two character classes for their player character and then set out on an epic fantasy adventure that rivals PC gaming in graphics, scope, and story development.
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Stop Motion Animation Maker Pro by Edumotion is a nifty little application that gives users the ability to create their own stop motion animated films. Stop motion cinema has been around for a very long time, but the means to create it have never been as simple, convenient or widely accessible as this app makes them.

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PicsPlayPro, from JellyBus, Inc. is a full featured photo editor for iOS devices. What makes PicsPlayPro unique amongst mobile photo manipulation applications is the unbelievable number of photo editing features the app offers.

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Epic Hearts is an extraordinary find for iOS gamers who love immersing themselves in the wide world of a fantasy RPG.  And let’s face it, the App Store isn't exactly overflowing with gems in that department. So many "RPG-inspired" App Store offerings are really "games where the character has skill points to collect" or some such weak approximation of what the RPG fandom really wants out of a game.  Epic Hearts, however, delivers and delivers in full.

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