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There motto is "Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free." Read More »

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I was really excited for the opportunity to review Eyn's Eponymous case. This case initially caught my eye due to the flip top, the idea for this "Wallet case" was great, unfortunately the execution could use a little tweaking. Read More »

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Complaints of AT&T throttling data for it's heavy data usage customers is rampant on the web.  Everywhere you hear stories of customers data speeds being slowed down to unusable speeds.  Now there is a way to fight back.  I was especially fond of hearing this news. Read More »

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Froad is the latest game from YoYo Games, the player takes control of a delightfully goofy looking amphibian. Read More »

Comments Comments Off on App Review: Froad is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites.  Browsing through, I came across yet another marvel, this one is called Devium Dash (just Dash on Kickstarter) being developed by Paul Lizer.

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Every now and then you come across a gem of an app, such is the case with "Game Your Video." Read More »

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Like most, I LOVE MY IPAD but it has its flaws. For me,one main problem that keeps the iPad from beinga real laptop competitor is the lack of a true keyboard. Read More »

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