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With all the recent talk about Apple's upcoming iPhone 6, iPhone phablet and rumoured iWatch wearable, the iPad trail has gone a little cold. It has been easy to forget in 2014 that Apple is the world's leading tablet manufacturer and that all of its slate lines are due for a refresh this fall. Which is why it is nice to see the iPad rumour mill burst into action this week with news that Cupertino will be very busy with three new iPads due to land this year.

Of course, the daddy of the range the iPad Air will be updated to the Air 2 this year, while the iPad Mini with Retina Display should also get a new model. According to the Economic Daily News in Taiwan, Apple will be releasing three iPads this year and one of those will be an entirely new entry to the line, the oft discussed iPad Pro.

With Apple's new deal with IBM likely to make the company a dominant force in enterprise, Cupertino is eager to make an iPad it feels suits the business market more. That will be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but screen size alone is unlikely to make a larger iPad any more desirable than the 9.7-inch iPad Air.

Apple will surely need to do more than just bump the screen size to differentiate any new iPad, so we hope the company can deliver something else in terms of hardware or software to make a 13-inch iPad a must buy for enterprise users and beyond. However, while the Economic Daily News is a good source, we have heard rumours of an iPad Pro for several years and one has never landed. Sure, it is certainly an avenue left unexplored by Apple, but my sources tell me that there will be no Pro version of the iPad this year. That's because Cupertino is happy with the way the iPad Air performed in the enterprise market and is banking on the iPad Air 2 being even more of a success.

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