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Apple's enterprise ambitions have always been lofty, but despite considerable improvements the company has always lagged behind Blackberry and more recently Samsung. However, with iOS becoming a very secure ecosystem, Apple's moves in the lucrative enterprise arena are bringing more rewards. Cupertino has now struck a deal with technology giant IBM that could potentially be huge for the company's future in enterprise.

IBM is one of the biggest players in enterprise and one of the most respected industry names so Apple agreeing an exclusive partnership with Big Blue is akin to winning the tech lottery. Of course, IBM will benefit greatly from Cupertino too, but this move has the potential to make Apple the de facto king of enterprise.

Apple and IBM have not always enjoyed a close relationship but in recent years past rivalries have cooled, paving the way for this new deal. In a joint press release the two companies laid down their plans for their new enterprise initiatives.

A new class of more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps, developed exclusively from the ground up, for iPhone and iPad.

Unique IBM cloud services optimized for iOS, including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration;
New AppleCare® service and support offering tailored to the needs of the enterprise.

New packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.

Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out just how important this partnership could be in making iOS easily the biggest name in enterprise technology.

For the first time ever we're putting IBM's renowned big data analytics at iOS users' fingertips, which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple. This is a radical step for enterprise and something only Apple and IBM can deliver.

The deal could give Apple the kind of dominance in the enterprise world that it has enjoyed in the consumer market. Thanks to IBM, iOS devices will have security, device management, and analytics tools built in, while the companies will make enterprise specific apps together. Both parties have been explicit in announcing this as an exclusive deal, which means neither company is likely to be able to strike a similar deal with another rival.

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