iPad Air 2
Images said to be the new iPad Air 2 have found their way online as the countdown to a new version of Apple’s flagship tablet starts.

What to expect from a new iPad is a difficult thing to assess because Apple basically hit the ball out of the park at first attempt. That’s right, the good old original iPad pretty much nailed the tablet concept out of the gate and every iPad, hell every tablet, since has been merely building on that initial success.

However, the iPad Air released last year was probably the most radical shift since the first outing, stripping the general iPad design in favour of the one from the iPad Mini. That meant the fatty bezels from the iPad were taken away for the slim and svelte look of the Mini, but there were changes under the hood too. The iPad Air sported a superfast 64-bit A7 processor, the most complete Retina Display ever, and a poise and quality that oozed from the device.

It is a year later the best tablet ever made, no matter how hard rivals like Samsung try to beat it with their own admittedly good offerings. So in replacing the iPad Air, Apple can comfortably go back to the release model that served the company so well from the iPad through the iPad 4. That is, they can merely update what was a slate that checked every box and got everything right.

One thing that was instantly noticeable about the Air was how light it was, which is obviously suggested by the name too. It is thin and svelte, and quite unlike any other large screen tablet in that respect. However, Cupertino will take it to the next level with the iPad Air 2, with reports saying the slate will noticeably thinner than the original model. That would be some feat and would naturally make the Air 2 lighter too.

One of the big misses on the original Air was the lack of a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5s arrived with Touch ID and the consensus was that the iPad would get it too, but the truth is it was always more likely Apple would hold some improvements back for this year. That means the iPad Air 2 is almost certainly going to pack a Touch ID scanner, making security tighter.


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