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The iPod was the product that revitalized Apple at the turn of the century and the iPod Touch is probably the best music player on the market. The Touch is set to get a cheaper version update next week. Without the huge success of the iPod (now called the iPod classic) Apple would not be in the position it is in today and you would probably not be fiddling with an iPhone or iPad. However, the iPod is the dying business in Apple's line up with sales shrinking on a quarterly basis as the need for a dedicated music player fades.

The iPod Touch is the jewel in Apple's iPod crown, basically an iPhone but without any of the cool phone bits, the Touch lets you use apps, browse the internet, message with Wi-Fi, and take photos. It is a smartMP3 player in the way the iPhone is a smartphone. It also boasts a slick aesthetic that makes it stand out from the crowd. The problem for the Touch is that even the most basic of smartphones now do all the things it can do, and more. They may not all do them better, but there is simply little need for a dedicated music player no matter how good it is.

Apple knows this and is trying to wring every last penny from its iPod business before shuttering it one day. The iPod Touch flagship is an expensive beast for what it is, but it does offer a slew of features including an 8 megapixel rear camera and 32GB of storage. The entry level 16GB Touch eschews both the snapper and the colourful panels of the flagship, but Apple is updating this cheaper version.

Reports suggest the company will roll out a new iPod Touch 16GB next week with all the pretty colors in tow, but more importantly with the 8MP camera also along for the ride. On top of that the company will knock $30 off the asking price, placing the iPod Touch into the realms of an impulse buy. While it is unlikely to save the iPod business in the long term, a price cut and added features could give the iPod line one last hurrah.


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