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Taking Wall Street's word on all things Apple would have iOS enthusiasts sitting in a dark room shaking slowly. According to analysts on the stock exchange, Apple is riding a very thin line and will collapse at any time because of a lack of new innovation. Without that killer product that defined the company in the 21st century Apple will lose its core appeal, that of a company that makes and defines trends and not follows them.

This has been the party line from Wall Street for at least two years, but Cupertino's numbers have always confounded those opinions and continue to do so. Once again iPhone sales will surpass the estimates by the so called experts who see troubled times ahead for Apple. Of course, we would love to see a definitive new product, or a complete overhaul of the iPhone too, but our reasons are purely from a tech geek perspective and not because we think Apple is doomed.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty now says that iPhone sales in the second quarter will surpass the number predicted by Wall Street. Huberty used the company's AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker to discover that Apple is on course to shift 39 million iPhones over this calendar quarter. As well as comfortably beating Wall Street predictions of 35 million the figure will also easily surpass the number of sales for this time last year. During Q2 of 2013 there were 31.2 million iPhone sales, which easily shows that Apple's smartphone business is actually growing and easily defeating even Samsung on a device per device basis.

So much for doom and gloom, but it is interesting to discover why the iPhone will surpass expectations this period. The launch of the handset on China Mobile, the biggest carrier in the world certainly helped boost sales, as did Apple's robust trade in system that offers up to $99 off a new iPhone to iPhone 4 users.


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